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This thread will serve as a Moderator Action Log. It is simply an informational record, and will not be open for general discussion.

Questions or comments regarding specific actions should be addressed either specifically with the moderator via private message, or a higher authority (e.g., supermoderator or administrator).
Splinter note

• Splinter: Twenty-six posts from "Natural?" removed to new thread.

• Thread redirect: Splinter thread "The Laladopi Wagon" redirected to subforum About the Members.

• "Mafia" tentatively redirected to EM&J. It has no particular scientific aspect to match the theme of Science & Society.
Post merge, deletion

• "Science and Technology Will Extinguish Humanity" — Three consecutive posts merged; one deleted as off topic.


(1) There is, in fact, a rule against consecutive posts over short periods. See Forum Rules, Regulations and Recommendations (v2.3) section 1F, "Consecutive Posting" for more information. No, this rule is not strictly enforced, although that might soon change. Members are advised to simply update or edit a post, or include multiple responses at the outset. We've never set a minimum period on consecutive posting, but I would hope it obvious that two posts a minute apart, and a third only a couple minutes later is problematic.

(2) We would discourage new members from making useless posts in order to boost their count. Indeed, there are places around the board for short posts. In Art & Culture, there is the "Now reading" thread for posting the latest titles you are perusing, and "What's On Your CD/Turntable" to post whatever album or even song you're listening to at the moment. Free Thoughts is a subforum riddled with opportunities for short posts that actually contribute to discussions. Over in Politics there is a thread for posting political cartoons. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for short, low-effort posts that don't involve making a fool of yourself in other discussions.​

Update: Whoops. I had to pull one more post because, after typing up the above notes, I forgot to delete the deleted post. That would be my bad. Apologies to the responding member, whose post was pulled according to my policy of trying to remove any direct references to moderated content.
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