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Post deletion

• "Chuckles" — Five posts deleted as off-topic.

Note: Apparently, I forgot to make the point that, being a thread in Science & Society, the basic expectation was that the contributions would in some way be related to science. In the future, I will be certain to state the blatantly obvious in response to the presupposition that there are enough people out there who can't see it for themselves that it needs to be said explicitly.
Thread closures

• "Time of the sign 112 earth minutes" — Thread redirected to Cesspool.

• "Message from the ANTICHRIST" — Same deal.

Note: Robyn Hitchcock, circa 1987—

"Religion isn't dead either. The AntiChrist will have access to computers, television, radio, and compact disc. If he walks among us already, the chances are that he has a walkman. I just hope it's not Christ himself, disillusioned after two thousand years in a cosmic sitting room full of magazines and cheeseplants, turned malignant and rotting in despair at the way his message has been perverted."​
Closure and redirect

• "college, a job, a family, kids, then old age . . is that all?" — Thread closed, redirected to Cesspool.

• " a car, house, kids and then old age. . .is that all?" — Closure, redirect; see above.

Note: Apparently, we're all going to have to sit down and have a talk about spam.

Bottom line is this: The threads are simply intended to direct people to a website promoting a book.

And while I sympathize with a self-promoting writer, no, this is still spam and I cannot permit it.

If one has a pre-existing agreement with site ownership permitting such advertising, please ask the administration to forward that memo to the rest of us, so I can ask why I didn't already know about this.

In the meantime, I'll be closing these threads as I come across them, and as my annoyance increases, so will the severity of my response.

Look, if people can find a way to include their own websites, blogs, and other written work in discussions, great. But if it amounts to shallow pandering and cheap advertising, it won't stand.
Closure and redirect

• "sgdfg" — Thread closed for what I hope are obvious reasons. Redirected as appropriate.
Closure and redirect

• "Imitation = Compliment, Plagiarism Something Else" — Thread closed, redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Look, there are only so many seemingly schizophrenic rants we can reasonably be expected to endure, whether it's about how some guy who can't write a coherent sentence turns out to be smarter than Einstein or why every scientist in the world is evil for not finding someone to be the most intelligent and authoritative mind in human history.

It's always been easier to ignore some of these completely messed up rants. But if one actually makes me sit up and take notice, then yes, I'm going to start doing something about it.
Closure and Redirect

• "paraprosdokian — Thread closed, redirected to Cesspool.

Notes: In the first place, it's C&P non-commercial spam. In the second, we've already seen that particular piece of CP/NCS.
Closure and Redirect

• " Science Disproves Evolution" — A redux thread locked and Cesspooled.

Note: Members are advised that if you think a moderator has mistakenly or inappropriately moved, struck, or closed a thread, one should take the issue up with the moderator, and not simply post another version of the same thread.
Closure and Redirect

• "Useless science" — Useless thread.

• "Should I join Mensa?" — Equally useless.

Closed and redirected, both threads.

Notes: I know sometimes people try to invent roles for themselves to play. And I accept that sometimes these roles simply flop.

Nothin' to see here, folks. Just go about your business.
Closure and Redirect

• "Science Disproves Evolution" — Closed and redirected as non-commercial spam.

Note: Non-commercial spam is still spam. Look, if you need to be posting your creationism on every discussion board you can find—


—then just keep on moving from here and look for greener pastures to pinch your loaf in.

No, really ... Adult Swim?
Closure and Redirect

Science Disproves Evolution — Closed, redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Not everyone in the world is a first-class specialist; we at Sciforums recognize this. But neither are so many people in the world reflexively illiterate; that is, I don't believe that well-expressed people randomly become unable to communicate when dealing with certain issues. That is, of course we're not all scientists. So we look to source material to affirm and communicate certain points for us.

One does not need a university education in order to know how, or be expected to, write and communicate clearly. In the U.S., in the 1990s, high schools taught students to write at much higher standards than we demand here.

Those who do have college educations ought to be able to recall hearing a news story somewhere about someone booted from school for plagiarism.

Those who finished high school ought to remember how to write a basic paper.

It is not unreasonable, in my opinion, that we might expect our members to be able to communicate in their own words, such that they are not simply posting blocks of text copied from other people's books, websites, and newspapers.

I mean, sure, quoting is part of communicating. But there are ways to do it. If you could write a paper in school, you ought to be capable of writing a post here.
Posts struck

• "Carbon nanotube batteries. A Good idea?" — Three posts struck as off topic.

Note: These were just posts aimed at one person, and didn't actually contribute anything to the discussion. Hardly the worst thing in the world, but certainly not the best idea.
[thread=109589]Vegetarian's guide to talking to carnivores[/thread] - thread closed.

The majority of posters there have been arguing for its closure for some time. The discussion has become repetitive and full of personal attacks. Some participants seem unable to discuss the topic in a mature manner.
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