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Let us not launch the boat ...
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This thread will serve as a Moderator Action Log. It is simply an informational record, and will not be open for general discussion.

Questions or comments regarding specific actions should be addressed either specifically with the moderator via private message, or a higher authority (e.g., supermoderator or administrator).
Closure and redirect

Jordan Peterson↗ — Redirected to Cesspool; thread closed.

Note: We've long had a problem with "drive-by", lazy posting. While not all participating members are necessarily doing so for antisocial reasons, the behavior is currently trendy among those trying to seed hate advocacy, so the coincidence of drive-by threads and posts, to the one, with known problematic public figures and source material will draw scrutiny; when it comes to content and associations problematic or not, this is not what we would describe as symmetric or otherwise evenly distributed behavior—there is a reason why the arguments that are really hard to defend are hard to defend, and trying to promote those arguments by not having, or refusing to defend them, is unethical as well as really, really cheap.
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