Aeshin hate in americKa (asian hate in usa)

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by RainbowSingularity, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what is the difference in ideology ?

    andrew is a Chinese american ... ?
    an american
    a democrat
    a man
    a middle aged man ?
    a human
    etc etc

    ask 100 american working class who work 40 hour weeks on wages for an employer
    and do not earn over 50k USD
    "what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist?"

    you could divide that up into ethnic classes immigrants, 1st 2nd gen etc

    there must be a few Chinese decent americans who are 3rd or 4th generation americans

    the "virtue signaling" of political class toward ethnic class is a highly dubious activity
    it tends toward a normalisation of xenophobia as a culture model that demands ethnic intellect levels be defined during nurture as a base false premise to create false culture.

    i have met mixed market chinese
    socialist chinese
    capitalist chinese

    the act of extrapolating a subjective meaning by their comments to define external culture class is ...
    imperialistic at best
    imperialism is not inherently bad
    slavery is inherently bad even though all culture systems have class systems
    slavery is a form of class system
    but is slavery imperialism ? no!

    are class systems inherently bad ? depends on the foundational concept of human value
    all friend groups could be defined as a class system based on expressed values of hobbys and likes etc.

    who would wish to muddy the waters ?
    those with a pre defined intent to avoid people making up their own minds.

    i dont think(though i am making a statistical guess not an appraisal) Dennis really understands the difference between mixed market economics and capitalism as a ethnic class system(how many people do?)

    obliviously, now i have lined the concepts i have almost designed several answers for Dennis to which makes your inquiry less potent.
    such is the fickle nature of complex concepts
    i doubt Dennis will respond, his posting habit is not debate on specifics.

    the parallels i see in Asian hate culture in the usa is the potential and intended directive culture narrative as the nazi hate toward jews
    chinese americans being hard working & very street smart in business
    now with china having so much american companys decide to move there
    china has money power over the perception of common american consumer markets

    that american hate toward opposing power figures, disguised as conservative small government and hyper liberalism
    framed as "real republican"
    is easily leveraged toward defining china as the new big bad guy for having all the power
    all the power that americans gave them for more american elitist profit

    imagine if the chinese government decide to lock down all those american companys in china
    and stop sending goods to the usa
    imagine that as a dystopian american apocalypse movie of their(usa) own desire & making
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  3. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

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  5. Bells Staff Member

    Systemic genocide and enslavement for generations?
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  7. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    There is also a distinction between middle-class American fear of Asians - especially Chinese, who have replaced the Japanese as primary adversary, and nudged the north Koreans into a subordinate position, in the past 30 years or so - which is economic and technological, and underclass (since the working class was unrecognized c. 1982, that includes blue collar, agricultural, support, unskilled labour, paroled and surplus to industrial requirements) hate, which is unfocused and pointless, since it's a wholly artificial product of Republican rhetoric.
    The chronic boss-induced financial anxiety coupled with the chronic politically induced physical insecurity can be turned to xenophobia with a single tweet. With a barrage of speeches, rallies and tweetings, it can be turned to genocide.
    Why pick on the middle class? They're in the same mess as the working, agricultural, service and limbo classes: in thrall to a few jillionnaires (and billionnaires with high hopes) who control the communication media and pretty much everything else.

    Other people also did bad things in other places. And the relevance is.... ?
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  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    excellent question
    i thought very concisely as i typed "middle class"
    for a very specific reason
    there ability to influence business and politics

    i am not picking on a class as much as i am labeling the primary influencer category as being more influential
    is a megga church corporate boss middle class ?
    who are the "Captains of industry" ?
    are they working, etc etc ?

    the ability of the middle class to directly economically and socially impact society is vastly greater than working class or poor
    meanwhile, while some try hard evil world dictators wish to remain nameless & faceless so they never get the finger pointed at them for funding something that causes something else....
    they will never wish t make themselves the poster child at the risk of their fortunes
    which by sheer basic logical need, creates the middle class patsy or willing
    neo-class tyrant(old money versus new money versus religion versus political ideology versus pure profit)

    The Neo-Class Tyrant is the willing patsy of the nameless faceless profiteer
    sometimes that profiteer is the working class through some form of viral social media lucky strike.

    most are too drawn up in the whole ego parade to notice the interchangeability of most people into various personality moral value sets.
    their lack of recognition also serves their own sense of self vindication.

    i am dancing close to the line of giving tools to psychos now so i will leave it there.

    you could divide middle class morally and economically easily by defining their different preferences to absolute greed
    middle class who are controlled by greed above morality can have vast influence

    i was a little surprised how Dennis could insult all partys by a single sentence
    i suspect some may read back ground narrative to suggest cultural values are inherently owned by profiteer capitalism and so no culture deserves anything above or beyond what they currently have(a common false equal projected by those seeking to weight the dice before the game & during)
    is that who his audience is ?
    i hope not
    cultural invalidation by (false virtue signalling)atmospheric praise is quite a thing
    if it were a thing

    its like holding up a middle class school child who wants for nothing and saying they are the example of why the world doesn't need more regulations and laws
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  9. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

    Thunberg You have stolen my childhood

    For every Thunberg there are a billions of spermatozoa calling out

    You have stolen my life

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

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  10. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    It might be worthwhile, in that case, to define what that class is in the middle of, how big it is and what its function is.
    The political speechifiers routinely refer to everyone who doesn't live on the street or in the Woolworth tower as 'middle class'. Obviously, some of those people are more middle than others, and they certainly do not all have the same political influence.

    Hell, no! He may have started out as the middle son of a middle-manager, going to a middling mid-western college, but he's conned and backsstabbed his way into the new world classless society's jumped-up aristocracy - alongside the mine-owners, Dixie planters, railroad magnates and .com tzars. That is the influential class - just as it always has been.
    If you've grown immensely wealthy harnessing the underclasses; turning the ingenuity of the middle class and productivity of the working class to your own enrichment - why not also harness their gullibility and insecurity to your own aggrandizement?
    Extinct, insofar as they were not mythical in the first place.
    They could, but don't know it, just as the poor could, if they didn't let themselves be divided.
    While the poor and working class are controlled through their resentment and fear, the middle class is controlled through its illusions and delusions.
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    deliberately to hide their greed and classicism & to try and sell elitist tax theft as working class values while they deny universal health care & unemployment benefits & public housing.

    those who wish to not be accountable for how they build things with their money and actions
    they wish to distance themselves as much as possible
    then claim they are victims in a big bad system
    which they continually endorse & benefit from

    they are playing both ends

    why jump into their pool of lies and bullshit and games seeking to cover up the facts and scam everyone...
    it only helps there cause

    & that influential class is not as rich as upper class
    but they ARE middle class and have lots of power to influence
    but they are not upper middle class wealth
    and will try and hide their money to extend their ability to scam working class

    typical behavior of those types.

    their influential power is upper middle class
    their income is middle class

    neo-colonial class systems of ecconomic power class
    they are the CEO's of big and influential essential business.

    oil CEO's social media CEO's
    pharmco CEO's
    bank CEO's
    wall st CEO's
    etc etc
    but after a failed attempt at re-branding their class system they have all run into hiding realizing the world is changing and they need to hide their money & income as quickly as possible from an obvious move toward more equal access to the people taxes and political power.

    re-branding racist xenophobic culture as Asian hate or any other type of hate is a similar type of mass scam

    working class low income range can b just as greedy as middle and upper class
    the lie is to assert poor are not selfish & greedy
    as the equal balance to the lie to fortify it is
    the rich have better morals and more intelligence

    its a scam

    who spends all their money on dog kennel look-a-like gated communities and exclusive high security clubs ?

    how much do american politicians spend of the poor working class taxes on personal protection including their offices and homes and private security ?

    why not hide that by flooding poor citys with weapons
  12. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    Actually... yes!

  13. geordief Valued Senior Member

    Funny how this is not big news in Ireland.There would be plenty of outrage if this was true.

    A quick lookup of "irish slaves" in google indicates to me this may be dishonest whataboutery to minimize the historical abuse of those populations that did actually suffer slavery.

    Speaking at Trinity College Dublin last month, Anthea Butler, an associate professor in Religious Studies and Africana Studies in the US, said claims about ‘Irish slavery’ “obscure the actual history” of Irish indentured servitude and black chattel slavery.

    She said linking the two historically under the same name has its roots in white supremacy. "
    Last edited: May 19, 2021
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  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    The Barbary slave trade refers to slave markets on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, which included the Ottoman provinces of Algeria, Tunisia and Tripolitania and the independent sultanate of Morocco, between the 16th and middle of the 18th century. The Ottoman provinces in North Africa were nominally under Ottoman suzerainty, but in reality they were mostly autonomous.

    European slaves were acquired by Barbary pirates in slave raids on ships and by raids on coastal towns from Italy to the Netherlands, Ireland and the southwest of Britain, as far north as Iceland and into the eastern Mediterranean.

    The Ottoman eastern Mediterranean was the scene of intense piracy.[1] As late as the 18th century, piracy continued to be a "consistent threat to maritime traffic in the Aegean".[2]
    After a revolt in the mid-17th century reduced the ruling Ottoman Pashas to little more than figureheads in the region, the towns of Tripoli, Algiers, Tunis, and others became independent in all but name. Without a large central authority and its laws, the pirates themselves started to gain much influence.

    In 1785 when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli's envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, they asked him what right he had to take slaves in this way. He replied that the "right" was "founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise".[15]
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  15. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    My impression is that BigMedia does not like the evidence that indicates that tribalism among various groups of Caucasians led to slavery and abuses of other tribes that was on a scale that could actually be compared with European and American enslavement of Africans.

    Frankly... the evidence that British enslavement of lower class Brits through economics was pretty shocking as well.....

    The Aristocrats of England deliberately planned a situation that would lead to a high percentage of women choosing to become prostitutes......
    or in many cases being forced into prostitution against their will.
    If the women of London were pressured into conditions comparable to slavery in many ways then this gives us an idea of how bad conditions would be for slaves and household servants of a different skin colour.
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