After repeated pounding, antihydrogen reveals its charge:


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After repeated pounding, antihydrogen reveals its charge: Zeroby Staff WritersBerkeley CA (SPX) Jan 22, 2016

To determine whether antihydrogen atoms have an electric charge, researchers confined them to the ALPHA trap and randomly pounded them with an electric field. If anti-atoms have a non-zero charge, they would eventually be kicked out of the trap, as in this simulation. The anti-atoms did not leave the trap, indicating that they are neutral to less than 1 part in a billion. Image courtesy Joel Fajans, UC Berkeley. Watch a video on the research here.
An eight-hour experiment using the ALPHA trap at CERN confirmed with 20 times greater precision than before that the charge of the antihydrogen atom - the antimatter counterpart of the hydrogen atom - is zero. The charge is identical to that of the hydrogen atom, once again demonstrating that the properties of antimatter and matter are mirror images of one another.

A non-zero charge would have meant that the antiproton in the nucleus and the positron buzzing around it have slightly different charges, which would violate the rules of the Standard Model of particle physics and possibly provide an explanation for the dominance of matter over antimatter in the universe.

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