AI to cause human extinction.???

ChatGPT designs its first robot with TU Delft researchers

INTRO: Poems, essays and even books – is there anything the open AI platform ChatGPT can’t handle? These new AI developments have inspired researchers at TU Delft and the Swiss technical university EPFL to dig a little deeper: For instance, can ChatGPT also design a robot? And is this a good thing for the design process, or are there risks? The researchers published their findings in Nature Machine Intelligence... (MORE - details)

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To fear AI is to fear Newton and Einstein. There are no “dragons” here.

EXCERPTS: . . . for the past few decades, we’ve been stuck as energy extraction has reached a peak and we’ve sunk a little under the weight of our achievements. The low-hanging fruits have been plucked. Having cured certain diseases, put men on the Moon, and created incredible means of communication and new medicines, we now face stagnation.

AI could help us move forward again by augmenting cognition for all. The revolution of AI is a way for us to deal with our problems of information overload...

[...] But as we finally found a way to make the AI understand us, by having us speak with it directly, we seem to be getting scared.

[...] AI won’t usher in utopia either, but it can help us move forward. So when we hear people discussing their AI fears in Senate hearings, arguing for AI bans in open letters, or calling for airstrikes on data centers, we can separate realistic worries from fanciful projections unlikely to ever manifest in the real world. Runaway anxieties shouldn’t be what steers us into the future... (MORE - missing details)