Alien bacteria from comet found???


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<!--intro-->I've just read a report on which, if true, could be epoch-making. A team in India claims that it has a <a href="">sample of an alien bacterium</a> captured 10 miles up in the atmosphere. If they're correct, it is major support for both extra-terrestial life and the theory of Panspermia, that life originated elsewhere in the Universe and came to Earth later, possibly in comets or meteorites.

[ed - Porfiry] The article also quotes an expert who points out that new species of bacteria are found almost every day. The fact that this strain was found high in the atmosphere is pretty meaningless. The extremes of conditions terran bacteria can withstand continue to amaze microbiologists. At this point, the researchers are offering no evidence to support their claim. Untill the researchers provide something besides hand-waving this is nothing more than bad science and journalism (so why am I posting this?).<!--/intro-->