(Alpha) Unification of gravity, gauge fields, and Higgs bosons

I'm interested in what would make you think such an audacious response...

... as far as i was aware, it's not uncommon to base an equation and deriving conclusions from that equation - or even a postulation? Did not Einstein himself derive the equations of special relativity by postulating on at least two mathematical certainties...? Granted, it was two, but in the paper, it's not far off the mark when we try to unify equations.

Just curious...

And it is the role of the scientific community to question hypotheses made by other scientists.

You know, peer review and shit?
I think you missed my point. Reviewing is one thing, being pompous over it is another.

What was pompous? Was it the word ``dubious''? Was it the fact that I wasn't inspired by the paper or its conclusions? What would have made my response seem less ``pompous'', while still conveying my opinion about the work?
Well that's an outright appeal to authority, and a violation of Alpha rules.

  • Defend your statements.
  • Be clear
  • Try to be rational.

You repeat, but did not defend the insulting claim that others were "being pompous." You did not defend the statement that it was a "simple derivation" or even give a basis of comparison for "simple." Your appeal to the authority of Smolin is not a rational defense of the paper or any claim. And you ignore the post where clarification is asked for.
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Smolin is a PhD scienist - who i assume has much more wisdom in the theory of the science, you so pompously reject on a simple derivation.

Having a Ph.D. doesn't make you right.

Anyway, I'm done with this conversation.

If there are no more comments in regards to the OP, I will close the thread.