American Hater, Stop Hating, Where Not So Bad



That's the best laugh I've had all day.

Me too, actually. I'm usually not so egotistical that I can laugh at my own posts, but after I submitted that one, I re-read it (to see if it made any sense), and when I read myself commanding you to never call me a lola again, I just started laughing out loud.

Laughing out loud. So damn hard to type! We should think of something simpler.

Edit: And for anyone who thinks this thread is straying off-topic a tad, I beg to differ. Surely my sense of humor has now convinced the fence-sitters that where not so bad.
I just wonder why lixluke continues to bitch about the country he lives in, but fails to do anything as far as to either help to solve the problems or to simply leave. He's fully capable of doing either one (or both if he likes). The constant strain he puts on the economy and our resources only makes the problems he bitches about worse.
His cool skills are valuable.
I wrote the post on Americans being bad at geography, I was curious to see just how bad and if people agreed. I wasn't 'bashing' Americans (whatever that means). I don't hate Americans. But the majority of 10 pages agrees you are BAAAAAD at geography, so just accept it.
Oh don't get me started on the dutch with your lederhosen and your baguettes and Gyros give me a break! This yank gets around sir!!! *hrumphh*
Don't mock the Dutch. They are the only people who mocked God by creating their own land.

Yeah, well done on that by the way. I just got back from Holland today, it's the second time I've been there, but I'm still amazed by the polders. Seriously though, you're first to go down with global warming, you might one to think about that... This might be God's way of mocking you...