American Hater, Stop Hating, Where Not So Bad

No, it's the geometric system, royal cubits (20.632 inches).
He must have had to adhere to the royal measuring code or face punishment.
Does the bible say anything about what a number is?
Like your I.Q., I’ve surmised, lies between 80 and 100, but what is this number and what is it based on?

Like the #1, what is it?

Yes, you've told me many times how attractive you think I am, enough's enough
How can I hide my admiration for you?
It is shared by many.
You are not only brilliant but handsome to boot.
Life’s…ahum, I mean…god is so unfair.

What a credit to your nation you are - how representative of its overall quality you are; truly a specimen of American culture.
I am not ashamed to admit it but…I envy you, sir.
Your sarcasm is primitive, keep working on it.
Sarcasm, sir?
I only hope to prove my deep sincerity to you.

But perhaps you can show me a more “advanced” form of sarcasm so that I might learn.

But oh wise ‘knower of numbers’, you haven’t answered my questions.

Do you keep your secrets for only the ‘chosen ones’?
You moved?:confused:
Yes. My mentor IceAgeduncivilizations has chosen an American childish school taunt to teach me humility and has decided to consider me Polish.
At first I was insulted and hurt but now I see the motive of his deep wisdom and know that he has been doing it for my own good.

He knows I am from Poland in the same way he knows “space is a substance” and God used the royal Egyptian geometric measuring system to construct His universe.
I’ve noticed, oh wise mentor, that the more you seek to hide the qualities of that perspicuous mind of yours the shorter your answers become.
Is it because you don’t want to show the world the full depth of your mind, for they will be afraid by the sheer spectacle of it?
Please, oh wise and intelligent knower of truths, teach us how you gained access to eternal life and found the deepest universal secrets laid bear before you in a Book, written by wise, intelligent men like you.

Oh wise one, if you wish to completely hide how …brilliant you are, then you should not speak at all.
Your every word vibrates with your inner qualities.
You are a symphony of intellect.
Thanks Saty, I was born again at age 26, after wrestling with the claims of Christ for a few months.
And what a Titanic battle it must have been, sir.
That strong intellect and that powerful courage of yours must have found a formidable foe in Jesus.
How much reason you must have employed, what deep, well thought out arguments you must have flung at Him.

If your performances here are any indication then I can only imagine the depths of logic and reasoning you must have employed against His truth.

If I were a woman I would want to have your babies.
Such a genetic specimen deserves to be perpetuated indefinitely.

You, sir, are not only a credit to your nation but to humanity.
Forgive my gushing.