American Hater, Stop Hating, Where Not So Bad

Slow down their Heckler, your not making sense. I start a POSITIVE post, you make a NEGATIVE comment without reason. The feeling is mutual I wouldnt want to be an egotistical SOB like you and i think the majority would agree. Secondly, make sense when you try to cover up your ignorance when you PROCLAIM that I PROCLAIM that my country has been misunderstood or misjudged, where did I PROCLAIM that? I merely stated that it seems were always getting hammered down and I would like to here some positive comments, what wrong with that HECKLER, do you own these forums?
I’m sure there’s about as many intelligent people in the U.S.A. as there are beardless men in Iran or atheists in Saudi Arabia or blondes in Africa.

Americans are nice and personable people, on average, in the same way all imbeciles are nice and personable. Their ignorance makes them innocent and their simplicity makes them cute - children.

But what can you say about a nation where 80% of its population still believes in ghosts and talking to the dead (I forget the precise percentage) or where 60 million of its citizens believes in a fanatical religious absurdity called ‘The Rapture’?

What do you say about a nation that tries to impeach a president for dropping his pants in the Oval Office but doesn’t bat an eye when one lies to them and sends many to their death half a world away, under false pretences, invoking some absurdity concerning freedom, or one that sells drugs for guns but plays the the part of good ol' American cowboy?

What do you say about a nation drugged up on saturated fats, who’s most recent cultural contributions have been Britney Spears, Hollywood idols and rap tunes, where emasculated Negroes display their own hyper-masculinity and sell it as an elixir to castrated youths?

What do you say about a nation still debating Evolution (if the shape of the Earth had any personal existential ramifications the Flat Earth theory would still be on the table) or where they make international decisions in complete ignorance of history and geography and geopolitical balances?

What do you say about a nation more interested in Monday Night Football scores and soap-opera dramas and idololatric fame and fortune, caught up in materialistic decadence, or who still believe in the benevolence of their nation’s diminishing power or who equate liberty with having multiple soft-drink options while they have no problem with a two-party political option?

What do you say about a nation of wealth still caught up in a nineteenth-century racial calamity and that can dispense billions towards securing Iraqi oil fields, where corporations make trillions of dollars on the blood, sweat and tears of ignoramuses, but that can’t provide basic health care for its own citizenry?

What do you say about a nation of self-proclaimed altruists, totting guns, as a matter of their civil rights, but that do not lose any sleep and do not pour out into the streets in protest when their fundamental civil rights are slowly taken away, under the premises of national security, which are motives just as shaky as those dreaded Iraqi W.M.D.’s?

What do you say about a nation where its citizenry lack a basic understanding of their own single national language and then portray themselves as the defenders of ‘right’ and what is ‘good’ in a world they know nothing about, using such childish concepts as ‘justice’ or ‘good & evil’?

Here’s some positive comments about the good ol’ U.S.A.:

They are an example of the most sophisticated form of population and mind control in the history of mankind.
Globalization= Americanization – the leveling of every culture into a pancake of non-distinct superficiality.

Where, in the past, empires have attempted to remain powerful through force, the U.S.A. is doing it through Orwellian subtlety and soft-power; an empire built on the docility, inebriation and stupidity of its population trying to spread its ‘example’ across the globe and calling all resistance to it ‘evil’ or ‘terrorism’.

Here again the specimen of American culture displays a fundamental aspect of American docility.
It wants to ignore reality and simply wallow in a ‘positive’, feel-good stupor.

The big bad world frightens it and makes it feel sad.
Give it a dose of Hollywood fantasy to feel better about its growing feminization.
And where’s the chips and beer…don’t forget the beer, Everybody Loves Raymond is up next.

Isn’t the American “free-press” wonderful?
Now that’s “reporting”.

And yes just as all hatred towards a black man is due to race so is all distaste for Americans due to jealousy.
The entire world is jealous.
That about sums about the average American’s understanding of world affairs.

Peace out!!!!
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I think you're just jealous Saty.

Here's another American achievment, a Texan figured out how the ancients measured and mapped the Earth according to precession, as embodied in the half nautical mile base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid.

A Texan, Saty, from the Bible Belt, oh the horror Saty!!!
Hey look another example of American brilliance enters the fray to display what American intellectual powers are like.

I thought only queers and steers come from Texas.
I guess even a pile of manure can make a flower blossom, once in a while.

And yes I’m Polish.
Our sausages are divine…You IceAgedUncivilization have been tasting it for weeks now.
How does it taste?

Tell me more about the Ark, little brain.
Tell me about the deluge, mommy and daddy taught you about.

Show us that good ol’ boy intellectual fortitude that so eloquently characterizes the average American.

And yes I am jealous.
What’s there not to be jealous about?
McDonalds and Cherry Cola and 10000 different flavors of Ben & Jerry’s and those deep philosophical films and that thriving itelligencia...

I especially envy you, IceAgedUncivilization.
Such a mind must be preserved and nurtured for eternity. Good thing your God has that special place waiting to house those like you.

We wouldn’t want such unique mental talents to vanish.

I know let’s find that one Texan or those two Virginians that disprove the rule.
Your evaluations of me are just as precise, relevant and well-thought out as your evaluations of reality.
What does the Bible say about me, ‘cause I know you can’t think without opening the ‘good book’?

They should preserve your brain, after your death – or perhaps before it, you aren’t using it anyways – so that science can study that Bible-Belt brilliance.

You have the charisma of a cadaver and the thinking of a 80 year old lobotomized female.

Hey, tell me more of those Polack jokes.
Show us your cultural upbringing and that Archie Bunker sophistication.
We want to make sausages with them.
And yes, I’m also a communist.

See how simple the world is, little brain?
There’s the ‘bad and evil people’…way over there…and then there’s the 'good and nice people' over here.
It’s that American political sophistication which state ‘If you ain’t with us…blah, blah blah….’

Do good guys always wear white in your imaginary universe, little brain?

Keep talking, little brain; how beautifully you represent your kind.

No, you aren’t brain-dead the world just envies your perspicuous mind.
Come on give us the state of the art Texan science concerning the deluge and that nice fairy-tale about Noah…what about the Rapture?
satyr- I understand why u so mad

satyr is mad because his weak little country got gang banged in under a month. He then takes all the information he ascertains from the media which is his only sources of information, then develops opinions based on the media.
Lol, hes from Poland, now i Understand.....HECKLER
Then he bashes Christianity because he thinks hes a "Realist". Something for you to think on Satyr, thes UNITED STATES is the most POWERFUL COUNTRY in EXISTENCE, we also have the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of CHRISTIANS in the WORLD. So every morning when you wake up, be happy that we have no interest in weak little poland because we could own your counrty without a downpayment chump.
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