An Important Issue Today

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Didn't you learn anything from having your previous anti-vax thread shut down?
Of course you didn't, why did I ask?
Mod Note

Your previous thread with the same subject matter was closed because you were advocating a public health risk.

The owner of this website then deleted it because of the utter rubbish you were pushing.

And your response is to start not one, but two threads with the same links and subject matter?

Thread closed.

Enjoy your break from this website.

From this site's rules:

I. Unacceptable behaviour that may result in a temporary or permanent ban

Interfering with moderation
I20. Interfering with moderation will result in an immediate ban from sciforums. Examples: re-editing or deleting a post that has been edited by a moderator or which has otherwise been the subject of moderator action; reposting a post that has been deleted by a moderator.
Not open for further replies.