Anarchy - a UK viewpoint

I have been posting mails on the UK Government site, and had a spirited discussion today about this very subject. My view on these anarchists is simply this: They are leech-humans who suck the lifeblood out of the very host they intend to destroy. Whilst an unreported peaceful protest was taking place in Genoa, all Sky News was interested in was the violence; giving publicity to the very "people" who thrive on it. These anarchists are made up of middle class bored yobs and some "high born" too. Also included in the equation are the "rent a mob" thugs whose sole purpose in life is to disrupt anything remotely "establishment". The Italian police, pre warned, knew how to deal with them and did. Any loss of life is regretable; but the thug who died did so, in the act of an illegal attempt to take a life; by attempting to throw a fire extinguisher (which he stole) into the face of a policeman. The policeman, with bare seconds to react, saved his own life and those of his comrades, by shooting the protester dead. I can live with that. Should that extinguisher have landed, who knows how many lives would have been lost? The vehicle concerned could have gone out of control, smashing into friend or foe alike. But the media (namely Sky News) was only interested in the death - not its cause or consequences. A newsgirl, who even looked like one of the anarchists, interviewed an "escaped" anarchist and reported "their side" as fact when we all know that their "view" was going to be biased. The "headquarters" of these people was raided this morning and items removed as well as arrested protesters - 6 of which were British. The news, same source, complained about "police brutality" instead of reporting facts. To summarise, those who wish to live by the sword, should expect to die by the sword - these protesters were not there to demonstrate against this or that policy; most of them did not know what the G8 was all about. They were there to destroy, plain and simple. We should have no sympathy for them or what happens to them, instead we should look away at the unreported peaceful protestors and ask them why they were there.
Have a problem ...

Problem #1
Biggles ...
What-ever their motives... the Canadian G8 summit will now propbably take place in a remote bunker in some mountain.
To which I replied
More likely than not on a private island
You were closer, Biggles. Hear that it's going to be at some remote, swank hotel on the top of a mountain.

Problem #2
Biggles ...
What has the young Italian died for??
To which I replied
Because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time - reason enough.
Guess I'm going to have to retract that and instead say "Because he was being a damned idiot!"

I guess what bugs me most is that it's stuff like this that leads the average 'I get all the news I need from TV' to equate Anarchy with vandalism ... which irritates me every bit as much as equating Communism with Stalinism.
Uh, how depressing..

"Welcome to the global economy.." :(
If it only were in the interest of the globe, Earth... :rolleyes: