Another New Member's Introduction


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Greetings, fellow SciForums members!

As one may infer from my username, Nascent, I am a veritable SciForums neophyte—not just in membership but in familiarity with this forum's existence. It wasn't more than an hour ago that I first discovered SciForums whilst browsing the Internet in search of somewhere new to register. I had come upon a link to this forum and clicked it. With a cursory examination of the contents of its homepage, a quick browsing of its forums, and a summary glance at its members' activity and decided to become a member forthwith. And so, here I am.

I will presume it is de rigueur to have one's salutation and prolegomenon immediately followed by a laconic autobiographical portraiture. Based on that presumption, I shall now discuss some of the more important and basic details of myself—the member to whom you're being introduced.

To begin, I am a 20-year-old male currently residing—for my 5th consecutive year— in the United States, where I also attend university. I have been an atheist since 11-years-old and a pragmatic agnostic from about 15-years-old to the present time. I opine I am more of an intellectual than anything else, and most people with whom I'm at least moderately acquainted would concur.

Having a perennial hankering—and the advantages of verbal virtuosity, sagacity, impartiality, phlegmatic comportment, and perspicacity—for intelligent and dispassionate discourse or debate, I find myself sated and with a poignant sense of ennui well before having barely acclimated myself to a new forum or its habitués.

My expectation is that SciForums will provide or allow for the quality of conversation and level of intelligence and objectivity I desire and feel most Internet forums have heretofore deprived me of experiencing.

I believe this thread's introductory post to be sufficiently informative and adequately composed and therefore concluded.

As a postscript, I should state that any comments or questions will be welcomed and given an adequate response, insofar as it is necessary. I'm glad to be among the SciForums' members and look forward to contributing to any future colloquy or interchange with you all.

Auf Wiedersehen,

I don't know German, I just used a translator.