Another weekend - more mass shootings

Lol I want to say this happened like a year ago, a Twitter employee deleted Trump’s account. I don’t remember the details, but he probably had a coronary. ^_^
so long as they keep him off the net (twitter) until it is legally resolved, which would take a fairly long amount of time to do, the whole world would sleep better IMO.

Maybe start a global Go fund me campaign to help pay for Twitters legal costs.
By the time it is resolved he will be out of office anyhow...
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By the time

what stopped the 1000 year reich ?

climate change !

child carrying fireworks = terrorist
car driver with no vehicle insurance = criminal
nazi carrying automatic weapons = patriot
black person carrying a gun = asking to be shot

why does Guantanamo bay for nazis strike moral panic into the hearts of nazi victims ?

clearly the issue is not enough black people carrying guns in the usa

minority arms-race ... ?
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child amnesty for fireworks
come children ...
hand in your dirty illegal terrorist fireworks for nice clean saintly machine guns

Government announces ban on throwing life preservers to drowning children to prevent children from fighting over them -resulting in them all drowning