Any atheists here who were once believers?

wegs my dear dear EPAL you really gun make me sweat it. bout this god thing, school teaches u to beleive in something. coz when u older some people are lonely and the thought that some higher being is there gives them encouragement and HOPE! we from now on will not have this sence like it used to be because of the internet and technology, the amount of lonliness has gone down, some peoples has got worse much worse and bullying and neglect has got worsse, but overall people dont need to look up at the sky no more to wonder why, they go on wikipedia to wonder why!!!scary. excited, mental!!! i dont know!! but cool none the less. 2mora i might be going away for 6 months, i havent decided yet. i want to keep in touch with you but im not going to get to a computer to search for you like im doing today every day, i'd email u every day, well u know most days, coz i love chatting to ya but , ur problems u keep bottled up and dont trust others. but u knew u cud trust me., thats what scares u, u can trust someone so quickly by the way they chat to you online, yeh my pic helps in the other forums, nice welcoming guy, but its the chat that gets into ya, thats why u fort it was "bad" or "wrong" look darl , im 5000 miles away, we probably will never meet, but we can chat and chat and maybe one day instant message, that will be fun, who knows what will happen by then. i could move into a place and my computer breaks and the liabry shuts down,, no internet regularly!!!! uh oh.

but until then chat to me , email me, i was guna give you ma number but thought nah, 1 loads of others would ring me , and 2 that would make any bf yu got think wait a sec, this guy trying to hit on ma girl. but im not i want u as my epal and jeeze ive spent hours today trying to contact u and get u to email me, does that show how much i care !!!!!!!! for someone i have just met online, that i click with, that ive only seen 1 pic of, im guessing it you, i'll just keep hoping, and taking my mood out on ma mrs!! lol no im not , she does ma head in thoa!! please help , i need a female to chat to online that i click with that i can actually talk to, hey maybe thats it, thats what the feeling is, we are both in sorta same position, i cant chat like this to my mrs she would put her hand over my mouth sday stop talking and proceed to undress me!!i am not kiddding!!!this has happened alot with women ive been with!!! they dont like me talking, so to have a connection with youi on here is great, similiar interests, clever, your cool,. ive had numerous internet chat people before but they turn out to want to stand naked in front of a camera or moan about how they want to change jobs or some other shit.

wegs you make me smile and i hope i can get through to you before it too late!!!

im trying to find sea gypsy to , to make sure she ok, but sea biscuit will be back , i dont want to be ona forum where im reading posts from someone who ive chatted to personally by email , but then it stopped , and for reasons that can be changed and fixed, that is why we needed to share more before now, if i'd told you about my past and my life then u wudnt of dissapeared you would be like "hey this guy gets me" "this guy thinks im cool but dont wana blag that he'll be on a plane and we'll be love of life and alll that shit" " this guy is a decent guy who wants to be a E-PAL for good reasons and he is a freind, a new age freind, this is what the web has developed, new freinds from all over the world!!!!!!!!!!

im a agnostic, but christmas isnt about god, its about the birth of a cool lil baby called jesus, and for thousands year people loved the pagan festival, now shops have taken over and got into our kids minds and still my mind, i like gettin given stuff, and social stuff happens at christmas, like people get to gether, you finally sleep with the woman youve been flirting with for ages, you split from a girlfreind u go into depression and the next year is spent in and out of a ward. lol. or you get married, my mates brother is getting married on 27th, i hoped she'd ask me to go with her so i could plough her and some of my mrs freinds is going so it could be a chance to finally break up with her without getting seriously injured. its complicated. when a relationship is based purely on sex and that sex is very deep and adventerou and tantric weekends are abundant i cant split up from her,,, sorry forum im rambling,

sorry,im rambling about my life and how messed up it is, sorry, im posting a thread soon called Life: how can we change it big time in our generation???
In all should be the mod of this section. You are fair and balanced, I'd say. ;)
I'm not the mod of this thread (only of B&E) and also was not trying to be "fair" (or "unfair") just informative - showing that not only do most churches and many religions make propaganda for their POV but now the atheist are too.