Are there words that have two letter "q" in them?


Are there words that have two letter "q" in them?

Quasar has one letter q...

are there words that got 2 q's?
A quinquagenarian is a person whose age starts with a 5; 50 through 59. Quinque is the Latin word for "five" so there are bound to be a few scholarly words floating around which were formed from that root.
Quaquaversal. Nice word.
I like it.

Quaquaversal \Qua`qua*ver"sal\, a. [L. quaqua wheresoever,
whithersoever + versus, p. p. of vertere to turn.]
1. Turning or dipping in any or every direction.

2. (Geol.) Dipping toward all points of the compass round a
center, as beds of lava round a crater.
(Websters 1913)

And useful too.
You could say that George W was being quaquaversal when he was having shoes thrown at him. I can't help admiring the cool way he dodged those shoes.
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Equivoque is a nice one that doesn't have it's root in "quinque" and doesn't start with q.

It is the noun form of equivocal - e.g. an equivocal word or expression