Are "Trigger Warnings" Now Required?

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you asked for evidence of bait and switch - i provided that
it is further validated by the fact that the thread had to be locked because of you

You provided evidence that I don't provide evidence for the paranormal and for ufos? Where did you do that? I must have missed it.
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How about you?

I don't troll; I respond to trolling explicitly where the moderators don't or won't, without using the "safe space" button under the post.

And I get "points" for it. Gold stars for everyone that can hold their heads up from their shoulders!! Yay!!!

Goddamned morons.
I don't troll; I respond to trolling explicitly where the moderators don't or won't, without using the "safe space" button under the post.

Why do you equate trolling with using the report button? What do you think the report button is for?
Search deep within yourself. Reread what I typed.

You, simpleton, are one of the reasons for my exit: You deny concrete facts and pour woo into the dish.

Maybe one of your UFOs or ghosts can give you the attention you sorely deserve. Piss off.
Search deep within yourself. Reread what I typed.

You, simpleton, are one of the reasons for my exit: You deny concrete facts and pour woo into the dish.

Maybe one of your UFOs or ghosts can give you the attention you sorely deserve. Piss off.

I should report you for flaming. But moderators flame more than anyone else. So that's pretty useless.

"Members should abide by basic standards of good manners and courtesy when addressing other members. If another member insults you, do not return fire; report the offending post."

The whole philosophy behind the "red pill", adopted from the Matrix, is misogyny. The so called red pill is a call to men to awaken their senses and realise that women are inferior. Reddit has a whole frigging board about The Red Pill. It is full of men discussing how women should be subservient and how women must be made to be subservient, not to mention the women's section of the board where victims of rape and domestic violence are encouraged to not deny any man sex, because that is her sole purpose of existing.

I have never heard of any reference to red pill that was not a Matrix reference. To think some have tried to appropriate it for bigotry is troubling.

And I do mean some.

Just because some people, on some board, somewhere, have decided that's what it means to them, doesn't mean that's what it means.

Context and intent of the referencer is key.

Were I to make a reference to the red pill / blue pill, and some fool accused me of being a bigot, them's'd be fightin' words. No one gets to hijack my words.

I recently read an article about the sci-horror classic "They Live". Apparently some White Supremacists have decided its about exposing Jews.
It isn't. While they may refer to it that way, that doesn't mean any reference to it is a referencing to anti-semitism. They don't get to redefine it just becuse they want to.

Referencing the red pill is not in-and-of-itself a reference to some sort of bigotry. But Bells et al may have insight into Bowser's intent, which would make a difference in this context.

Let's just be clear, it rests entirely on the confidence in divining Bowser's intent (which, granted might well be high).
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I like how Bowser updated his avatar to Pepe the frog.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boy's Club character

First appearance 2005 in Boy's Club[1]
Created by Matt Furie
Species Frog
Gender Male
Pepe the Frog is a popular internet meme. The fictional green anthropomorphic frog with a frog-like face and a humanoid body[2] is originally from a comic series by Matt Furie called Boy's Club. It became an Internet meme when its popularity steadily grew across Myspace, Gaia Online and 4chan in 2008. By 2015, it had become one of the most popular memes used on Tumblr. Beginning in 2016, his image has increasingly been appropriated as a symbol of the controversial alt-right movement. Because of the use of Pepe by the alt-right, the Anti-Defamation League added Pepe the Frog to their database of hate symbols in 2016, adding that not all Pepe memes are racist.[3] Since then, Pepe's creator has publicly expressed[4] his dismay at Pepe being used as a hate symbol.

The meme's original use has evolved over time and has many variants, including Sad frog, Smug frog, Feels frog, and "You will never..." frog.[5]
A number of people here have objected that, taken in isolation, Bowser's thread on the "red pill" could be seen as innocuous.

However, it is not sufficient for moderators always to examine these things in isolation, particularly in the case of members who have a track record of pushing certain agendas. We need to take a wider view.

The moderator group has already had a discussion along exactly the same lines that the general membership is having here in the public forums. We have debated the appropriateness of closing the thread. We have considered whether Bowser's intent could have been an unknowing and innocent reference to that scene in The Matrix. We have considered all of this in light of Bowser's recent posting history on sciforums.

All of the moderators are on the same page on this decision. We believe that it was appropriate to close down that discussion from the start. It may also become necessary to close the current thread if it starts to be used as a means to discuss the closed thread topic.

I will put my own thoughts on some of the posts to this thread in a separate post. However, the above is the consensus position of the moderator group.
Personally, I think it's a slippery slope when you assume a member's intentions based solely on their posting history, not on the content of the actual thread or post....then close that thread before it ever breaks any rules of the forum. If a member's reputation is that bad on the forum, they probably shouldn't be allowed to be here.
I have never heard the use of "Red Pill" in the sexist context that seems well known to some members. Like MacGyver and Yazata it semed to me to be a reference to the Matrix and a choice between reality and reality(?).
This was my original reaction, too. But a significant and current usage of "red pill" is the one that has been referenced in this thread, and we can't ignore that.

Of course the admin team are free to handle threads, posts and members in any way they choose. However, if said member is as problematic as they think then ban him permanently.
We have a published policy regarding warnings and bans. In very rare cases we might, after discussion among the moderators, decide to make and exception to that general policy. However, as a matter of fairness, we usually allow members many opportunities to change their posting behaviour before we ban them.

I think the system we have in place reduces the possibility that somebody will be banned simply on the basis that a particular moderator (or a couple of moderators) takes a personal disliking to the the member, for whatever reason.

Don't, instead, close down a thread with implicit claims that everyone can see it was motivated by misogyny.
It's not strictly necessary for everybody to see that kind of thing, although I do appreciate that it is important that members understand why something is moderated. That is, after all, the point of posting a public notice concerning the moderation action taken.

It's also why the current thread remains open at this time.

Now, the moderators may well be right that Bowser had a particular "Red Pill" Moment" in mind, but he did not say it, so that is their assumption, not his specific sexist statement.
In part, it's an assumption based on Bowser's posting history.
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Seems to me Bowser blew it by using the word "epiphany" in relation to the term "red pill". An epiphany is a sudden revelation or insight, implying that that the truth has at last been glimpsed or realised. He didn't say a red pill "delusion", "moment", "feeling or "urge". He chose "epiphany".
This is one relevant factor in the decision that was made by the moderators.

With the current usage of the "red pill" as referring to the "philosophy" that it is men rather than women who are oppressed in society, and that women's proper place ought to be as subordinates to men, having an "epiphany" in this context can only mean coming to the "realisation" that the "red pill" bigots are right and feminism is wrong.

And then he didn't qualify what he meant by "red pill" either. Had he meant something more acceptable than the current popular use, he could easily have expanded on that, thereby avoiding giving offence.
And here's another factor. Bowser left it to readers to try to guess, or otherwise work out, what he was referring to. He didn't explain what he was talking about. There's no way to know if this was done with good intent or evil, from this post alone. However, we know from Bowser's record of posting that he holds conservative views about the appropriate place of women in society.

On a balance, it is reasonable to assume that Bowser was aware of the most current usage of the term "red pill", and that he was using that term as a spring-off point to start an anti-feminism debate that was likely to start a flame war.

Moreover, even if Bowser was innocent of this, his post still left it open for others to read his post in that light. So, the decision was made to nip this one in the bud.

Perhaps one of the moderators should take a short break from aggressively preaching morality (as you see it) to explaining rationally and dispassionately (if you can) why Bowser's seemingly innocuous question received the over-the-top response that it received then ("delusional bigotry") and still is receiving now.
Note that this thread was started by Bowser, not by the moderators.

spidergoat said:
It's not illegal to have a political expression, it's one of the most protected forms of free speech.
That is beside the point.

Doubtless, there are ways that Bowser might have introduced his topic that would not have resulted in this kind of action.

I don't troll; I respond to trolling explicitly where the moderators don't or won't, without using the "safe space" button under the post.
If you respond with personal insults and foul language, as you have done repeatedly, you can expect to be reported. A warning will often be issued in response to such a report, as your behaviour clearly breaches our posting guidelines.

Literacy, anyone? God damned lame-assed "gender studies" majors that can't spell or understand that what they just typed is unintelligible to anyone but another simple-minded limp-wristed asshole with an opinion.

Yep. I'm getting sick and tired of snowflake whining myself. There's no science here any more, just the lamentations of the dispossessed and weak.

James R gave me "infraction points" for telling an obvious troll to fuck off, but he allows trolls uninterrupted access to the floor.

The floor here is filthy, so until someone sweeps up, I'm out.

Or maybe I can get out this way: Fuck Farsight, Sylwester, and many others for their idiocy. Fuck the ghost hunters, fuck the goddamned sjw halfwits, and fuck this place.

Good luck to the rest of you.

James, does this post earn me enough of your fucking stupid points to graduate?
I suggest you take some time away from the forum and try to calm down. You don't need to burn your bridges and go off like a child having a tantrum.
The floor here is filthy, so until someone sweeps up, I'm out.
I hope not. You are one of several reasons (the other reasons being other reasonable members) that I continue to return here.

It may not work for you, but I've found if I leave for a month or so I eventually forget precisely what offensive behaviour from the mod/admin team led to my departure and I can return. This is one of the few advantages of old age - memory loss.

Don't go. Please.
You provided evidence that I don't provide evidence for the paranormal and for ufos?

Where did you do that? I must have missed it.
learn to read: i linked the thread

maybe this will help you:

I should report you for flaming
and we should all report you for trolling, blatant false claims, and worse

problem is: you've already been reported for this but the MODS didn't find it logical to stop said delusional behaviour. that thread is just one example of that... and the fact that you're still posting validates the point

might i also add that the above exchange demonstrates that you can't see evidence that is right in front of your face?

not only did i link it but also explained it... and the thread is self explanatory, but also has a MOD interjection and more in it...

there are none so blind as those who choose not to see

I can understand Dr. Toads frustrations and sympathize. i've considered the same myself... it's just one reason i've limited my time here.

learn to read: i linked the thread

LOL! So how does that one linked thread prove I don't provide evidence for the paranormal and ufos? Spell it out for me without the trolling insults this time..
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