Are You A Quantum Creationist?

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Um, no.
It was moved to Pseudo because your contention - along with the lies, misunderstandings and deliberate misrepresentations - made it not-science.
So do you have moderator/ administrator privileges at this forum or do you think you're a mind-reader?
Confessing Millerite Adventist, Seventh day adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Quakers, Shakers, Butchers, Bakers, Candle Stick Makers......
Damn delusional false prophets and their cult orginizations!
When will it all end! :D
Quakers aren't necessarily religious. (Just an FYI.) :)
Neither are most scientists religious, but I don't think that a disposition to a scientist looking for the specifics of G-d's plan should be a disqualification to scientific endeavors, and even if it was, it is not practical to exclude such individuals from science or to dissuade them from their individual search for ultimate truth, even if they never find such a thing. Neither, incidentally, will science.

Since science already knows how evolution works, and that our own minds are the result, an attitude of tolerance should befit a scientific community that already understands, this is the way things are, and that trying to force nature into a more conformist direction not only stands against nature itself, but will be circumvented whether scientists approve of it or not.

In case none of you noticed, even though Eugene may have a few misconceptions about science, he has evidently has learned enough quantum physics to recognize concepts he has identified as those similar to his own ideas about creation. This is a start. Hopefully, he will stick with it.
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Please forgive me if I caught you in an unfortunate or deplorably shallow state of mind if you are not prepared or willing to answer an embarrassingly simple yes/ no question.

But the term "quantum creationist" appears to be a contradiction in terms. A person who understands quantum theory must be someone trained in physical science to a reasonably high level. Whereas a creationist is a person who is ignorant, stupid, self-deluded, disingenuous , or some linear combination of the four, who denies aspects of science in favour of naive biblical literalism. Seventh Day Adventists would be one example.

It makes no sense to reply to a question involving a self-contradictory term.
But the term "quantum creationist" appears to be a contradiction in terms.

That's only an argument for my right to own the phrase. Thank you.

The issue which you well know is the term creationist is a term that is used by the anti-science crazy Christian fundies to describe how God magically created the universe in 6 days.
I don't believe that God magically created the universe in 6 days. I believe that I am a quantum creationist and that I have the right to define quantum creationism as I have done in the opening post.
I think this has deviated from whatever semblance of a point it had... it's now just a dickwaving "he said she said" contest...

Aren't you forgetting that all the laws of physics only determine a probability function? "We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall." Proverbs 16:33 (New Living Translation).
If that is so, then the LORD apparently likes acting just like an unconscious random chooser would.
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