Are you listening to music?

edit-Cee Lo Green Forget You

i would listen to Turin Brakes Underdog at my friends' house on my lunch break-

The Shamen-Ebenezer Goode (who do they think they are fooling- ees are good (ecstacy))

Salmon-Salmon fillets-Billets (soldiers stay in billets)

A friend of mine told me anyone got any veras is vera lynns-skins-paper for rolling tobacco or cannabis cigarettes

Billie Eilish-Bad guy

Roy Orbison-You Got It

Roy Orbison-I Drove All Night

Alison Moyet-Is This Love (i LOVE this song. after i moved to where i live i recorded Madonna Like A Prayer and this and would watch the songs over and over).

Arctic Monkeys (white monkeys that live in the arctic (they aren't real))-When the sun goes down

Fall out boy-Sugar, we're goin' down

Scouting for girls-This ain't a love song

i was asleep with the radio on one night and this song came on and i woke and listened to it. it sounded amazing.

Eminem-Without me

Elvis-Suspicious minds

i had these two songs on tape from the radio when i was living next door to our sons. suspicious minds is my favourite Elvis song-it is about a husband and wife who don't trust each other.