Army platoon witnesses black triangle craft

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This is a fascinating eyewitness account of the notorious huge black triangle with lights. A whole army platoon saw this thing right above them in Iraq. As usual it made no noise and had about 5 lights shining down from it. Sounds like the same craft witnessed by hundreds over Phoenix in 1997. Click on audio version if you prefer that..

I'm interested how they determined its size - laser rangefinder perhaps?
Maybe ISIS has upgraded its technology. Did the platoon try to shoot it down?

Added a bit later: And I see this sighting occurred June 2006! Old news! Nothing has come of it.
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Mark David Koch: said:
We had night patrols that night. So, I got about two or three hours of sleep and then we were on a night mission. And that's when we saw the big, black triangle in the sky.

So let's see, maintain a work cycle of about 22 hours of work and 2 hours of sleep, for even a few days, in a combat zone, and then go out and make UFO claims. [rolls eyes]