"As you know, the id wasn't meant to be starved..."


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id: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives

This is a word that I find very interesting. After reading the definition a couple times, I kind of thought something out. Maybe everyone has an id and at certain times, it can become concious and comes out from within the subconcious. the question I want to ask everyone is, what emotion do you think that your id expresses? Mine would definitly be anger. I never really lose my temper, and anyone here who actually knows me has never seen me angry. Its kinda cliche`, but when I get angry, I just go ripshit on everything. I remember putting a three-inch deep dent in one of our refridgerators once. Anywho, please express anything you feel about this.
Im bi-polar. So, sometimes I am really happy, and other times I am very depressed. Im depressed now, but I never hurt other people. Emotions hurt, physical pain is obsolete.
In the Latin, "id" means "that, this, it." Bene Nota(note well): It's neuter in gender, indicating it is a "thing" without communicative abilities or true intelligence
Yeah, but it is the instictual drive for things and our personality is affected by it. I was asking what they feel like when their "id" comes out.
Well, most animals function solely on instinct. Ergo, their brains are "ids." My guess is the id engenders sensations like rage, desire, and stubborness, as those are the fundamental qualities with which I would characterize the demeanor and mentality of a Great Ape. Inherent Reason: The "ids" of the Great Apes are probably not too dissimilar to our own.:)