I haven't seen anything of this sort. The belief of yogis hovering and being able to fly is most probably a myth. Yoga, can however enable a person to perform amazing feats with his body. A yogi well versed in yoga, could for example consume only butter and cream and grow thinner, not fatter.
The "Ripley's Believe it or NOt Show" is suppposed to be completely factual, and they were actually measuring the height at which these people were hovering completely off the ground. So, I dont think its a myth... orr should I be more critical of what they show on that show?? :(
One day in the parlour of the garden house of Jadu Mullick, a wealthy devotee, Sri Ramakrishna saw a picture of Madonna with the child Jesus sitting on her lap. He gazed at it to see that picture of the Mother and Child was being luminous with a divine light, which was flowing towards him to enter his heart. For the next three days, Sri Ramakrishna was intensely absorbed in the thought of Jesus. At the end of the third day, walking in the Panchabati he had a vision of a person with an alien look having a beautiful face and large eyes beaming with softness and compassion. A voice from within said to him, this is Jesus Christ, the great Yogi, the loving Son of God, who was one with his father and who shed his heart’s blood and suffered tortures for the salvation of mankind. Jesus embraced Sri Ramakrishna and merged into his body.

One of his young charges had a bible and used to read to Sri Ramakrishna stories from the bible. He became enamored of the wonderful stories of the life of Christ and of the beautiful picture of the Madonna with the Divine Child and fully immersed his mind in the Christian images for three days. On the fourth day as he was walking he saw an extraordinary looking person of serene aspect approaching him with his gaze intently fixed on him. Presently the figure drew near and from the inmost recesses of Sri Ramakrishna's heart there came the realization: "There is the Christ who poured out his heart's blood for the redemption of mankind and suffered agonies for its sake. It is none else but the Master-Yogin Jesus, the embodiment of Love!" In his divine vision the Son of Man embraced Sri Ramakrishna and became merged in him. The Master lost outward consciousness in Samadhi, realizing his union with Brahman with attributes. Thus was he convinced that Jesus Christ was an Incarnation of the Lord.

He became gradually overwhelmed with divine emotion and breaking through the barriers of creed and religion, he entered a new realm of ecstasy. Christ possessed his soul. For three days, he did not set foot in Kali temple. On the fourth day, in the afternoon as he was walking on the Panchavati, he saw coming towards him a person with beautiful large eyes, serene countenance, and fair skin. As the two faced each other, a voice sang out in the depths of Sri Ramakrishna’s soul: “Behold the Christ, who shed his heart’s blood for the redemption of the world, who suffered a sea of anguish for love of men... It is he, the master Yogi, who is in eternal union with God It is Jesus, Love Incarnate.” The Son of Man embraced the Son of the Divine Mother and merged in him. Sri Ramakrishna realised his identity with Christ, as he had already realised his identity with Kali, Rama, Hanuman, Radha, Krishna, Brahman and Mohammed.

I think it's true that Yogis can levitate, it's not something that only they can do, persons in religious ecstacy from all walks of life and religions have been seen doing this. I think it acctualy annoyed St. Theresa of Avila, she asked the other Nuns to hold her down because she had no time to be floating around.
There was a Preist in America in the 1950's that was also seen to rise above the alter as He was doing the ritual of 'the breaking of the bread' in California I beleive.

Many Westerns ridicul Christ, do you know why your friends made fun of Babaji?
I guess levitating is common

Joseph Cupertino (1603-1663)
The Flying Friar
Joseph of Cupertino could be the patron saint of slow students. From an early age, he was unable to study, work at a task or complete a cogent sentence. He joined a Franciscan convent at 17, but was continually breaking things, confusing left and right, and praying instead of serving dinner. No one knew why Brother Joseph was so distracted, and the frustrated friars expelled him. Finally, a priory allowed Joseph to tend its barn.

Then the truth came out. Joseph was distracted because he enjoyed continual visions of God, seeing Him behind every blade of grass or tree; ever at work sustaining Creation. His visions began to last for days, and nothing but an order from his superior would interrupt them. Soon, Joseph began to levitate during prayer,flying through the chapel to get closer to the Blessed Sacrament. He would even hover in the air to help construction workers in the chapel! These wonders alarmed his superiors who kept Joseph in seclusion. There he lived joyfully – his eyes turned to God.

And here's the thing about St. Theresa of Avila

As she started to pray again, God gave her spiritual delights: the prayer of quiet where God's presence overwhelmed her senses, raptures where God overcame her with glorious foolishness, prayer of union where she felt the sun of God melt her soul away. Sometimes her whole body was raised form the ground. If she felt God was going to levitate her body, she stretched out on the floor and called the nuns to sit on her and hold her down. Far from being excited about these events, she "begged God very much not to give me any more favors in public."