baby names!

I never liked the name Bob.
It's too plain.

If we have a boy, we are planning on naming it Liam Andrew.
liam sounds nice, i like the name leo, but then i thought why not just call it lion, then i thought why not call it lionheart.

then i thought wait a minuet i like the name dragon,

my train of thought is unmatched,

I love the name Liam, it's Gaelic too, it means protector.
It's an Irish nickname for the German name Wilhelm (William) which means "the will to protect".

You do know there is no such single language as "Gaelic" don't you?
Your'e "Wiccan" aren't you?
see raven bob is a gay name, (no offence to any bobs out there)

braveheart conan rambo wrath of chi renovich, now thats a cool name.

lui bei or laotzu are nice.

No, those are gay names.
As I said, powerful people have nothing to prove.
The loudest guy in the room is the loudest for a reason - because he has to be.

yes i agree with your point. but that doesent mean he cant have a powerful name,

some people think they have something to prove, some people are loud because they are insecure, but actualy some are loud because they know they are powerful and challenge others by bieng the loudest etc,

sometimes powerful people feel the need to excersize the power, its animal nature,

the lion roars, the gorilla beats his chest, yeah he might be proving something but i bet the gorilla would kick my ass. (if i was unnarmed, maybe)

odin is a cool name,