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So nothing, Orleander. He can say what he likes on his forum.

You've come into this thread at post #400. Do us all the courtesy of reading the first 400 posts, so we don't have to repeat everything just for your benefit. The juicy stuff starts around post #130ish.
Just noticed this

The pandering to members like Geoff.. Notice how James tolerates Geoff so much? I'd always wondered how James was getting so much information from spurious' forum..

WTF? Oh, nice. The hell with you, lady.

Goodbye, and good riddance.
This fighting and bickering is absolutely heartbreaking, I see a lot of good people getting dragged through the mud and a terrible split forming in the community, and already we have casualties like Bells choosing to leave possibly forever while going through what sounds like some absolutely god-awful personal stress (not trying to pick sides here, but I want it said that I'm really sad to see her leaving on this note). That's why I realized in the recent past that I needed to emotionally divest myself from all the internal forum politics, try to get along with everyone I can, enjoy the place and the diversity of opinion and only get under someone's skin when they're blatantly looking to cause trouble purely for trouble's sake.

Been having lots of fun going back to what I came here for in the first place- discussing science, discussing philosophy, discussing world events without getting too personally attached to the outcome. Hopefully more of you can do the same, come chat about all the interesting topics we have here where there's plenty of room for agreement to disagree.
Not open for further replies.