Ban Proud Muslim?

Ban Proud Muslim?

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I think there is a search engine for religious fundamentalist propaganda texts.
There is no way PM can get so many in such a short time as he displayed in his past threads.
Nah, I think he´s a living search engine, like " Proud Moogle" or something like that. :D

BTW if you type Proud Muslim in google, this poll is the second thing listed out of 327.000 hits.
Kunax... yes I do. And that's me. Although half of the other trash you'll find is NOT mine. (like the singles search).
hehe atleast you only have 1 page, a seach on my nick give 8 pages in varius languages.
So much for having a uniqe nick of semi random letters.
Proud Muslim is bound to come back today, or am I mistaken?
At least he should show up if he is not fed up with this board yet.
Ah well, I will wait and see if he returns.

Hey Kunax, do you know how many got the nick "Dreamwalker"?
There are three more <10 posters who voted Yes to ban him. It seems that everyone called in a favor from a friend to get him banned... nice job.
Dunno, perhaps some newcomers who read the religion forum didn´t like his style? I did not call anyone in. Anyway, haven´t I read somewhere that <10 post voters do not count? So where is the problem?
did you notice that there are 5 who voted no with < 50 posts?

so what post count has no meaning, many will ghost a forum for ages before registering, some will never register
i know the posters well enough to filter the more frequent posters out quickly, so it wasn't particulalrly difificult. took 2 min maybe.


just recounted and got at least 7 with post count < 50.

jeez it makes me wonder who is calling favors on what.
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