Barcardi buys governments, even the American government


Pre Castro's Cuba is where the Barcardi mafiosa was all there was, whereas they had half of Cuba drunk and the other half sufficiently paid off. Thus the puppet government of Cuba was entirely of Barcardi, for Barcardi and under Barcardi.

The Barcardi family of thugs had the Cuban government by their coconuts, as their very own bootlegging still of motherload proportions, and of those stills not of theirs were entirely feed via Barcardi sugar, and those are the facts.

Castro's war thereby wasn't so much against the existing puppet government as it was against those illegal moonshine and sugar runners, and within such war, one generally keeps said spoils.

Now, if Castro wanted to continue breaking American laws and become filthy rich in the process, wouldn't you think that he would have reestablished those stills and continued with the marketing of sugar to all other stills?

Today the Barcardi family retains government officials as sufficiently paid off, except this time (ever since getting booted out of Cuba), it's the American government.

Are these anti-Castro freaks actually suggesting that we should return the likes of Saddam to power, of which actually since his sons are dead is where 95+% if whatever dastardly was associated with those bastards, means that Saddam himself wasn't necessarily the baddest guy in town. After all, Saddam was having to be encharge of a great many things, hardly having the time to orchestrate and implement the exterminations of others, though being the father of those bastard sons meant that some level of acceptance of their unfortunate indiscretions had to be accepted as a matter of being their father.

In this country, kids go about mass murdering other folks, and their parents of such bastard kids don't even flinch, much less show a sufficient level of remorse. As such, are we suppose to give those kids another shot at exterminating additional innocent folks?

Or perhaps, are we supposed to nail the parents of such lethal kids to a point of no return?

So, should the Barcardi mafiosa be given Cuba?

At what price, in terms of human lives, should this return of Cuban assets to the Barcardi mafiosa family be worth?

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Global domination - part 2

Those having energy reserves are going to in fact become much richer, and those without are going to have to "make due", as in put up or shut up, unless you folks intend to ruse us into going back into war again, as based upon unfounded and/or disinformation, or perhaps even intentionally upon well founded disinformation (blatant lies), that is easily accomplished if you're the type that's sufficiently dumbfounded and thereby so easily snookered into believing whatever a few morons within government are having to say. Thus if you folks want to keep snookering America, and thereby the world that's becoming wise to our arrogance, then go right ahead and push those WW-III buttons because, that's what it's going to become.

I'll suppose, if Cuba should acquire any significant amount of oil, as then it'll be Iraq allover again, whereas this time our 8th invasion and overthrow attempt of Cuba well be for keeps. At least that's how the Barcardi mafiosa is going to insist upon the outcome of our next shock and awe delivery.

The good news is, that by way of keeping our present warlord (GW Bush) in office, and of giving the Barcardi family whatever they want, is that bomb shelters will become fashionable once again, and perhaps even those doomsday survival ships and underground facilities for the likes of folks owned by the Barcardi family will survive in spite of whatever outcome.

Of course, any pro-Cuba (pro-Castro) supporters are going to be cast as anti-American terrorist. Thus once having ownership of Cuba would offer an unlimited expansion of those Guantanamo stockades, in which to place all those that oppose the mainstream status quo. As a terrorist you'd have absolutely no privileges nor human rights, and anything UN or of any other oversight isn't allowed because we never include Cuba as US real estate. In fact, it might become simply a privet holding of the Barcardi family, from which the US taxpayers forfeit to the Barcardi family 100 billion dollars per year (retroactive) for the partial usage thereof, plus paying lots extra for whatever is outside of our newly expanded Guantanamo base.

Naturally the fine reputation of the Cuban educational system would need to be detuned to the "high standards and accountability" of our very own "Skull and Bones" warlord, so that folks can learn the fine art of lying their butts off while being more easily snookered if not entirely dumbfounded for the rest of their lives, where as such folks would in fact vote for yet another round of shock and awe that's being orchestrated by an absolute moron, even if it meant that a few hundred million innocent folks will be eliminated, and of everyone else in need of wearing full-body flak suits while they lived behind thick walls or underground at that.

The Cuban expertise in bioscience could easily revert into another incest cloning environment for the likes of GW Bush, Barcardi and might as well include the likes of WorldCom and ENRON, possibly even Martha Stewart, although she got caught, thus her DNA is not nearly Arian enough to qualify for the borg collective.

Of course, we could always ask the Dogon tribe to straighten this mess all out, in as much as in the past having been advised by vastly superior intelligence that we are not alone, just being intentionally left alone until all the smoke dies down. Or, perhaps we can allow yet another Cathar exterminating Pope to take charge and see to the demise of sufficient numbers, so that the remaining energy reserves are available for those folks considered by the Barcardi mafiosa as being valuable commodities.

Perhaps now that the Barcardi mafiosa and we(America) are soon going to be in control of Cuba, North Korea is next, unless we can starve them out or simply VX them once and for all. Although, our fleet of Boeing/TRW ABLs are sufficiently tuned up and easily focused upon whomever we don't like, whereas the laser cannon spectrum can easily be altered from the IR spectrum into the UV/b spectrum if not UV/c, thus we can essentially and invisibly nuke their DNA, in so much as their own immune systems kick into action, thus slowly killing them from the inside out, and best of all, there's not a forensic trace of the weapon, so that once again we could lie our butts off and no one could be the wiser.

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Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251)
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Obviously the borg collective is sufficiently alive and well cloaked within this "Sciforum".

Surely some of you folks that must give a tinkers damn about something that's on behalf of humanity, are still capable of seeing what's outside the "mainstream status quo" box, or are you as truly dumb and dumber, as in dumfounded into believing whatever our incest cloned government has to say about such matters?

I dare you to ask my opinion on the topic(s) of our foreign affairs, or upon the various happenstance of what our perpetrated cold-wars have brought upon humanity.

Instead of reelecting warlord GW Bush, perhaps we should allow those nice al-Qaida folks to privately interrogate that bastard, in the same manner as we've interrogated others, and if he passes that test, only then should he be allowed to live as to seeing another day.

BTFW; I can tell when my access to this forum is being moderated and/or blocked. As such I know that I'm more right than not. And on top of all that, I'm getting more look-sees than HOWARDSTERN.
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Another perfectly interesting thing comes to mind; is that apparently besides what the incest cloned borgs of GOOGLE, and accomplish as to butt protecting their mainstream status quo, "scifourm" members don't always count in the "views" and even "replies" quota, thus perhaps only certain outsiders viewing are of what counts, thus perhaps there's actually another ten fold or greater number of views transpiring, thereby the ruse continues before our eyes.

The likes of "Persol" and others of his mutated DNA pool are in fact the very essence of what an incest cloned borg is all about, nasty cesspool and all.

Perhaps in order for honest folks to get the message, for that we need to find some souls willing to fly big-ass airplanes into tall buildings, as preferably hauling about those nice WorldCom, ENRON, Arthur Andersen, MicroSoft and Martha Stewart types, plus the likes of Dr. Death (Henry Kissinger) and the entire borg incest cloned collective of the GW Bush cesspool of mutated DNA. Of course, I'll first need to send our resident warlord commander and chief village idiot moron an actual "DECLARATION of WAR", so that such an important document can be ignored for months prior.

Truth often is the cesspool of life, containing a vast wealth of uncovering intellectual disinformation, most often representing a total lack of morals and absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Such cesspools can only exist/coexist and be sustained when there's a sufficient number of eliminations being derived from incest cloned borgs like "Persol". Without such workers, the likes of Popes having to exterminate Cathars, or of Hitler exterminating whomever he didn't like, couldn't have managed.

And lo and behold, there's lots more (a bit far reaching) to share within my UPDATE page.
Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251)
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Once in awhile a thread comes along that can live up to what we call 'The Cesspool'. Congats.
Scifourms moderators (such as Persol) are part of the mainstream status quo problem, thus I've had to link others into my topic of "Barcardi buys governments, even the American government" because Persol moved this one into his personal cesspool, of which Persol is quite accustomed being that he is of the very DNA of said cesspool.

I've since posted a fresh link to this topic into the following one as offered by HOWARDSTERN: "I think it's funny"

And, I suppose that I could keep doing this until them Apollo cows come home.

Lo and behold, there's lots more (a bit far reaching) to share within my UPDATE page.
Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251)
You certainly seem to have immunity from being prosecuted by the moderators of this sciforums, as in of whatever provocations (button pushings), name callings and horrifically bad language is just fine and dandy. Thus you act as though you're a moderator, you often respond as though you're another "all knowing" moderator, and you even stink as though you're a moderator. What's left to think?

I don't suppose that as usual you've got anything whatsoever to apply for/against this Barcardi/Cuba thing, as otherwise you're just here to inflect as much dog-wagging spin and damage-control as you can, without ever getting specific about anything.
name callings
damn kook
horrifically bad language
Ah, you must ean because I'm more to the point, and don't bury my opinions behind stories about UFOs and Venus? I'll try harder next time.
Thus you act as though you're a moderator
Well, no... you're still here. Trust me, that wouldn't be the case if I was a mod.
and you even stink as though you're a moderator
Cool, you have a smell-o-mouse too?
I don't suppose that as usual you've got anything whatsoever to apply for/against this Barcardi/Cuba thing
You are just ranting again, and the few rants of yours that I did read were just a mix of ignorance and insanity. I doubt this is different. That said, you seem to be complaining about Castro breaking US laws, as if he had any reason to pay attention to us laws.
Like I said, you wouldn't even be here any more. I say cut out the tumor before it starts talking about Venus and UFOs again.
As usual, your incest cloned programming of dog-wagging spin and damage-control offers absolutely nothing on behalf of this or any other topic, thus you represent squat, which is exactly what you're worth, except less than. Other folks besides myself can look through the various topics in which you've infected such with your incest intellectual DNA, whereas lo and behold, there's not a decent example of anything the rest of us possibly couldn't do without. And why is that?

BTW; I've improved upon a couple of worthwhile topics on behalf of science, physics and humanity, as always available from other topics residing within this "sciforums" or from my update and other pages. And, since I'm a real person having a real name, and a real email, as well as a for real physical address and telephone that I personally answer, as opposed to yourself having absolutely "none of the above", as such that makes me worth something, especially the morality and remorse part of myself is orbiting so far above your status, that your personal cesspool looks rather like a nasty bottomless pit to me.

Lo and behold, there's lots more (a bit far reaching) to share within my UPDATE page.
Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251) and
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