Being Direct

Nexus, just how direct were you?

"Come darling, tonight we dine!"


"Would you care to partake in non-mainstream sexual practices forthwith?"
Flipping it around on me eh? Hehe. Okay if you must know.

Uhm, oh yea... okay I'd just graduated college (two weeks before turning 30 mind you) and was working at MBS (missouri book service), stocking shelves in the evening whilst attempting to pimp resumes during the day. Blah blah, she started working there after I'd been there a few weeks. I thought she was 17 or so and extremely hot. Then I thought: 'bad wesley!'. Then I found out she was 26. I asked her to go eat after work. We did Denny's after realizing Perkins was closed.

I asked her then for another date. We got together like a week later. If I remember right we ended up naked on our first date. It was pretty direct I think. I don't remember the conversation really... I think we rented a movie at her place (we were broke) and ended up making out for the whole movie and well... pregnant a few months later. :) The first incident was pretty standard... sitting on the couch testing receptiveness in directly indirect ways (touching and flirting). It didn't take much of the testing phase to move directly into coitus.

Now it's as direct as it can get. I like it like that.

She is extremely accomodating.

Shit, Gendy would probably give you the roofies and feed you to the gators. :D And doesn't she have teeth down there or something? She'd likely tear you up. I suppose you're into those kind of masochistic flesh rendings though, aren't you?

Anyway, you missed the point. Roofies has nothing to do with directness. And why would you want a relationship with somebody you don't even respect? That was the point of my story. Respect for mind came before lust. Through this, the normal indirection procedures didn't come into play.

Although, perhaps I could have used roofies. But, I prefer not being a rapist and going to jail. :p And, beside, I heard that roofies tends to dry out the vaginal mucus membrane. I hate lube.
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well stop with the ky and go upscale

Anyway, you missed the point

pardon, i think the problem is that i never considered it to begin with ;)
pardon, i think the problem is that i never considered it to begin with

Then what are you doing here?
Dazzling your peers with your breathtaking thoughts?
Ah- yes, let me see. You're here becuase this is another one of your little courtesy calls you always pay that little girl named gendanken when bored.
You go out and play with the big dogs until you need to go potty so you come here to piss on gendanken.

Aint that right, poopsy?
Spookz, Hathor, Anu and who knows what else- its amazing how someone can keep changing his clothes so often yet retain the same stink.
that is horrible. you wiped the smile of my face real quick with that one. believe what you will but i bear no malice nor hatred towards you.

in anycase, i shall leave you alone

*i guess the roofies shit was kinda low. sorry
Jesus Fucking Christ Spookz, Would You Fucking Contribute Something Usefull To A Fucking Discussion, Please. You Are Fucking Bright, Please Aspire To Be More Than A Fucking Piece Of Shit Troll.
Such Pent Up Rage. Imagine That! Niggy Watches From The Sidelines And Just Explodes!
I Like That. Probably The Most Effortless One Yet.

*could someone call children's services? i fear mr morris's rabid and unpredictable behaviour might put his kids at risk

you all have been warned. i sense a tragedy in the making. pardon! let me rephrase.........
I Sense A Tragedy In The Making.
Good man of you to apologize for the roofies comment, Anu. That was rather crude. Why don't you attempt to add some content to the thread. I don't recall ever reading a post of yours (or Hathors) that added content. Why don't you share with us a story of directness or indirectness. Why don't you comment on the story I related from the Naked Neuron (page 11). Find something else in this thread to comment on in a productive manner. There are 17 fucking pages to choose from. And only 1/3 to 1/2 of them are filled with inanities. Surely something catches your eye. Something that might spur the conversation forward. We have the honor of being the most productive thread in the cesspool, you know. We have a reputation to maintain.
I bet you have really hairy balls!!

Anyway, I was thinking about other examples of directness and successful interaction. There have been others in the past as well. And not of the 'intellectual' first type, now that I think of it. Let me explain.

I often find it difficult to sleep. Classic insomniac. Such as tonight, I should be asleep. My earlier exertions should have driven me into sleep. Yet, here I am awake. 3:30 in the morning and work in a few hours and I am awake.

This is not a rare occurence for me. I have grown used to it's effects over the years. Now, I have noticed a tendency to 'succeed' with women at times when I am at my most 'tired'. When I am suffering from lack of sleep. When I am too tired to play the little indirection games. It's happened far too many times over the years to be a coincidence. I am at my most sexy when I am at my most tired.

Now, when I am tired I am not playing indirect, but neither am I necessarily playing direct. In fact, often I am so tired that sex is not even on my mind. A sort of indifference pervades me. Perhaps this indifference is a form of indirectness? What do you think?

Oh, by the way, now that the personal tales are coming out. I've given. Wes has given. Blue UK has kinda given a bit. Genteel has certainly shared. Anu has proven himself too cowardly to properly join a conversation. What about you Rosa and Gendanken? Do you have any personal encounters with directness and indirectness to share? Surely something comes to mind. Even you, Gendy, who (no offense) show little sign of such emotional claptrap. Surely you must have a relevant encounter or two in your history. Are you brave enough to share something with the group? You don't have to share the dirty details if you don't want.
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Naughty, naughty, Dreamwalker. I saw you reading this thread a bit ago. No stories of your own to share? Cowards. All of you. I shared, why can't you?
Well, right now I cannot think of any extensive stories. And I was reading this because my internet connection was broken for two days and I wanted to look what was written here. :p
Just fuckin' with ya. :p Trying to elicit some responses. I feel vulnerable with only my story up there. And Wes's story as well of course. I almost feel like deleting them :eek: Nah, I'm cool with it. Just a little insight into my personal life is all. Nothing damning.
Truth to tell, I did not bother to read your story yet. :D I always find something like that annoying...

But perhaps I will read it in the course of the day.