Being Direct

What about you Rosa and Gendanken? Do you have any personal encounters with directness and indirectness to share? Surely something comes to mind. Even you, Gendy, who (no offense) show little sign of such emotional claptrap. Surely you must have a relevant encounter or two in your history. Are you brave enough to share something with the group? You don't have to share the dirty details if you don't want.

His name is Anuscio. A half-Chihuaha with dark hair, met him at the same place he met herpes- the kennel. He likes to whine and dine his executioners that already know he's only a poodle and its simply gorgeous how he bares those ugly canines in a bitter smile when you flash him a knife and he thinks you're just kidding.
Its a nice little game pooches play- I love him to tears. Watching him chase his tail like that, licking his asshole, swimming in fleas. I'm the happiest girl in the world.
Heh, should have known better. I'll say to you the same thing I said to Anu. What does it have to do with directness? Or indirectness? Might as well just give him some roofies and see what happens.

And, no comment on indifference as indirectness or directness? Seems this thread is going the way of the dinosaur. Pity. There was some good stuff going on in here a while back. The cesspool will never be the same.
Why (some) women like jerks:

"Women like jerks because they think that they would look good with them."

(Sharon Stone's kid in "Beautiful Joe")

An act of comparison: If you are among people who are ruder, less intelligent, dumber, more insensitive, etc. than you, then this, in the comparison with them, makes you look nicer, more intelligent, smarter, more sensitive.
A seemingly practical way to boost your own self-perception.

I would also say that women like jerks because they feel that they can change them. Women seem to get off to no end by altering their men. Proving their own worth in this way. It is ironic that often, if a man allows himself to be changed, then this shows that he is weak and not worthy of her, therefore she will dump him on the curb and go shopping for the next bad boy.

And, as for your act of comparison, it works both ways. If a woman is looking for the bad boy and you indeed are a bad boy, but you hang out with even badder boys, then by comparison you are a good boy and not worthy of her time.

There are, of course, some women who look for good boys. But, these are few and far between. Usually it seems that women who have advanced beyond the bad boy phase rather than looking for good boys look for rich men. ;)
Oh, and no personal stories, Rosa? Bah, you're all fucking cowards, you know that? I spit on your cowardice. *ptooey*

:p :D :p
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Oh, and no personal stories, Rosa? Bah, you're all fucking cowards, you know that? I spit on your cowardice. *ptooey*

Go on, spit on my cowardice: You'll hit nothing, and your spit has just bounced back to where it came from.
Go on, spit on my cowardice: You'll hit nothing, and your spit has just bounced back to where it came from.

Hope that was sarcastic. . . Mine was. Looks like I forgot the smiley. :p

By the way, there's an American saying for what you just said. "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." :p :D
Now look at this, it is getting chatty again :D

But somehow this situation was likely, some people feel discomforted about telling stories like those you want to hear...
I bet they are now hiding away in shame. What do you want to hear anyway, I forgot to read the post with your story... and some of the other things said here... :D
Stories about directness or indirectness. How you bagged a chick by being direct or indirect. Or, how you bagged a dude or were bagged by a dude if you are a chick. Blah, it's all pointless anyhow. Don't know why I let those thread skimmers degrade myself in such a manner anyhow. I think I just may go back and delete them. No one shall know of the tale of directness that I would have shared. And it was a great story, filled with lust and intrigue. Oh well. :D

I also had a point to make a while back about how I seem to bag more chicks when I'm tired (insomniac am I). I believe it's because I'm so tired that I'm indifferent. And because of this indifference, they think that I'm "cool" or something. Above them. Worthy of their time. When in fact, I'm just too tired to care. Although, I am cool and above them. :p Some of them anyway. :D
Was that your way of telling a personal story about yourself? Are you saying that you really do have the corpse of Frank and really are a necrophiliac? :p

Seriously. . . I don't know. Why? Indifference?

Let me look back and see what context it was used in.

Ahh, just figured it out. But, the thing is you didn't bring him in. I did.
"Frank Sinatra has nothing on Conan." -Me-
You brought him into the What it is to be a Man thread and the little necrophiliac joke was still fresh in my mind at the time so. . .

But, what are you getting at? Is it indifference? Needing someone who doesn't need you? You know, for some reason as I glance back up and see "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." For some reason I hear Sinatra saying that. Actually it's Phil Hartman playing Sinatra saying it. I'm sure that's not what you're talking about though.
Ahh. But that's not indifference. That's independence. Another matter entirely. But a good point. Could it be that indifference is often misunderstood to be independence? I suppose that "I need someone who doesn't need me" could fit both states of mind. Independence and indifference. Does this highlight the ambiguity between the two states? Interesting.
Well, I think that statement about indifference is true to some extend. People do think that you are "cool" when you don´t care. When I was in a phase of indifference some months ago, I had an assortment of female "fans" who thought I was incredibly cool... :cool:
Indifference is often understood as something negative.

We live in the age of delution of man, in the age of vampires and leeches, and indifference translates as denying those vampires and leeches to drink one's blood.

If one openly opposes, as in the form of negativism, one is openly accused of doing something bad, and rejected as having "bad blood" (but not that the really thirsty wouldn't try to suck on those too).

If one openly agrees, one is regarded as "free sucking for all" -- he has "good blood".

The indifferent are those one can neither justly reject, nor do they let one to suck them. They make the vampires and the leeches helpless, so they get violent, and call the indifferent evil, and prosecute them.

In this picture, the indifferent are usually the independent too, so independence is bad too, since it is a frequent trait of the indifferent.

However, I argue that being indifferent and "not care" are very different. To "not care" can simply be a statement of numbness, insensitivity, while in order to be indifferent, one must first operate with a great sensitivity in order to determine whether the object in question should be treated with indifference or not.

The "not care" attitude makes no distinctions, it is careless towards everything and everyone.

The attitude of indifference makes distinctions, and then, upon careful choice, decides how something is to be treated.
I'm not sure if those definitions of yours would be considered universal, Rosa, but I have to say I like them. In the context of discussion on these forums, I am prepared to take them as a rule.