Being Direct

We live in the age of delution of man, in the age of vampires and leeches, and indifference translates as denying those vampires and leeches to drink one's blood.

Interesting images you evoke with these statements, Rosa. What is even more. . . odd is that I dreamt of vampires last night. Or rather, hippie dippies playing at vampire games. Weird. . . . You're not a vampire after my soul, are you? Maybe you do have Frank in your clutches. And he's not quite dead, is he? :D

In this picture, the indifferent are usually the independent too, so independence is bad too, since it is a frequent trait of the indifferent.

Frequent. But is it required? Independence a trait of the indifferent. Is indifference a trait of the independent? Likely not always. Interesting blend of traits we have going here.

Perhaps you misunderstood my original intent (on second thought, I don't think you did, but I'm not erasing this paragraph anyway. :p) Once you brought in independence with Frank, I related it to indifference, but only as seeming similar to indifference as an outward sign. Something easily misinterpreted. Indifference may work in the short term but in the long term, it will most likely drive people away. Unless these others are seeking indifference. Which, of course, many seem to. But, I wonder about these people. These people who wouldn't join a club with themselves as a member. Brings to mind damaged goods.

However, I argue that being indifferent and "not care" are very different.

I do see what you're saying about indifference and 'not caring'. Interesting stuff. I would agree with Fenris and say that they are certainly not universal definitions (but, in the end what is?) But, certainly would work for wrinkling out some ambiguities of the original word. There are more than one kind of indifference.

With your added state of 'not caring', we have three types of apparent indifferent seekers. Those who are really looking for an independent sort. Those who seek your indifferent sort. And those who seek the not caring sort.

The first I would consider the most healthy. The second would likely be healthy as well although tending towards something. . . unhealthy. While the last is likely self-destructive and self-hating.

What says you?
Ahh. Memories. So many strange and wondrous things once occurred here. Perhaps the most intelligent and unintelligent thread ever witnessed by this thing called cesspool.
jadedflower said:
I've seen many women call men pigs because they 'use' women for sex... dragging them along and pretending to feel something for them and then just dumping them...

Women do the same thing

jadedflower said:
but if a guy came up to you and asked if you wanted to have a physical, no feelings involved, relationship... would you admire his straightforward-ness? or still consider him a pig?

Maybe I will try it out tonight.