Best Indie films of the 21st century

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I've seen about half of these. I would largely concur with their rating. I need to see the others as well. Saw "Beasts of The Southern Wild" the other night. Definitely an exquisite gem to marvel at. Also watched "Nomadland" which I highly recommend.

"Films are stunning artifacts of humanity’s singular ability to dream and wonder in unison. But if the moviemaking miracles produced by Hollywood’s studio system are predestined — recycled IP inevitabilities that cost as much money as there are stars in the sky — indies are something greater.

Indie filmmaking is notoriously hard to define; combine the constantly shifting number known as “low budget” and another shifty goalpost, “independent,” and we’re partly there. Here’s another definition: It feels as if it’s willed into existence, both in the final story on screen and in the behind-the-scenes journey that explains how an auteur’s story got there. It was created because it had to be, rendered by talented and undaunted auteurs, through powerful visions and innovative commitment to craft. And finally, it’s introduced to equally ambitious audiences.

It’s in our name: IndieWire was founded in 1996 as an outlet dedicated to championing creative independence and charting indies’ growth as the beating heart of cinematic artistry. But in the search engine age, when everything’s a list (or ought to be a list before some robot makes it a list), IndieWire was forced to consider an indelicate and enormous question: What are the best independent films?

The quandary sent seismic ripples through our site (both coasts, not just the tectonically precarious Los Angeles office), and demanded strict guidelines. As is always the case with these sorts of lists, we hope some of our choices will surprise and delight, even if others shock and bother. But, make no mistake, we thought this one through, as it deserves to be."
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