Best Unknown Movies

Dark City - with Jennifer Connelly. A great overlooked movie because of it's sci-fi undertones. Very Matrix'y a long time before Matrix came out.

In Bruges - with Colin Ferrell. One of the funniest and most intelligent films I saw last year. Very existential.

I love Dark City but didn't care for Bruges at all. I like old films as well as new ones and the best of those would be

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (maybe not so unknown)

The Bad Seed

The Nightporter

John Cassavettes films (very american art house independent stuff) like Under The Influence and Opening Night

Meursalt I don't think Blue Velvet is really unknown

Not so old:

Ponette (a great film)

Waltz with Bashir


The Squid and the Whale
Dark Star
The Angry Red Planet
It came from Outer Space
Attack of the giant leaches
Attack of the alligator man
Phase IV
Attack of the flying saucers
Tingler (with Vincent Price)
Planet X
Dark Star
The Angry Red Planet
It came from Outer Space
Attack of the giant leaches
Attack of the alligator man
Phase IV
Attack of the flying saucers
Tingler (with Vincent Price)
Planet X

pretty good list there ;) Have you seen Forbidden Planet?
Dragon! That was the name I was trying to think of to add to my list. Even now the Id is a dangerous thing to stir up...smiles. Thanks.
> The Medussa Touch - 1978/Thiller
> Balkan Spy - Yugoslavian/1984/Comedy
> Recep Ivedik - 2008/Turkish/Comedy
> Il Bisbetico Domato - 1980/Italian/Comedy
> Pane e tulipani - 2000/Italian/Comedy
> Volver(not so unknown) -2006/Spanish/Drama/
> Hable con ella(not so unknown) - 2002/Spanish/Drama
> Blowup - 1966/English/Thriller
> Professione: reporter - 1975/English/Thriller
> Los cronocrímenes - 2007/Spanish/Thriller
> Cronos - 1993/English/Thriller
Invaders from Mars 1953 version, the original

Invaders from Mars (1953) is a science fiction film designed and directed by William Cameron Menzies from a scenario by Richard Blake, based on a story treatment by John Tucker Battle, who in turn was inspired by a recounted dream of his wife's. It was produced independently by Edward L. Alperson Jr., stars Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter and Arthur Franz, and was picked up for distribution upon completion by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.[1]

It is notable for being told from the point of view of an older child in an adult's world in crisis, vivid color cinematography (color by Color Corporation of America), subtly surreal set designs and unique use of outre sound effects, including a choral background consisting of an ethereal, rhythmically wavering syllable sung in unison to enhance the overall sense of wonder inherent in Menzies' visual design.

These elements put this film a notch above most other independently-made American science fiction films. Although some sources state that the film was designed for the 3-D process (unlikely, since the project was in production before the breakthrough 3-D film, Bwana Devil, was released), it was neither filmed nor released in 3-D.

I'm drawing a horrible blank... here's a couple, at least, that are relatively obscure.

How to Get Ahead in Advertising
The Young Poisoners' Handbook
The Bothersome Man
The Reflecting Skin

I also have to second the prior recommendations of:

The City of Lost Children (seriously fantastic)
In Bruges

David Cronenberg--although well-known (hopefully!)--has some very freaky stuff, if you're into that (Crash previously mentioned, Naked Lunch, and others obviously).
Being There

There is a lot to this film.
A few titles come to mind

A few titles:

The Lotus Eaters — A super-charming 1993 family drama set in British Columbia circa 1965. Outstanding performances from a strong cast including Aloka MacLean, R.H. Thompson, Frances Hyland, Sheila McCarthy, and Michéle-Barbara Pelletier, among others.

Paper House — A creepy 1998 dark fantasy based on Catherine Storr's Marianne Dreams. Stars Charlotte Burke in the only film credit I've ever found attributed to her name.

War Of the Buttons — A 1994 Irish remake of the French film La Guerre des Butons. Warm, poignant, and exceptionally humorous. With appreciable performances from a generally unknown cast, the appearance of Colm Meany in a minor role seems nearly out of place, but his unpretentious presentation does nothing to overshadow the rest of the players.

The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls In Love — Maria Maggenti's striking 1995 one-camera drama about teenage lesbians should not be overlooked. One finds basic dramatic and cinematic elements boldly displayed throughout, including framing, blocking, and characterization. A strong script penned by Maggenti even features a well-directed love scene for those who absolutely need it.​