Bible = Harry Potter?


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Ark Park SVP Zovath: Bible = Harry Potter Saga

This is one of those things I wonder about from time to time.

Let us start with a recollection of a common joke that actually bears some merit: Faery tale characters like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Jesus.

Normally, Christians aren't so enthused about such lines. Indeed, many see it as a deliberate insult to their faith.

But what if the person making the point is a Christian, advocating Christianity?

Zovath argues that the tax breaks do not violate the Constitution, since the state is not giving the park money up-front, but is only returning some of the tourism money the park will bring to the state.

"If somebody wants to come into Kentucky and build a Harry Potter park and teach all the fun things about witchcraft, nobody would say a word about it—they'd just think it was so cool," Zovath said. "But if we want to come in ... and build a Biblical theme park, everybody goes crazy."


In the first place, Harry Potter stories are no more witchcraft° than the computer-animated movements in The Matrix are martial arts.

We might also ask Mr. Zovath for evidence of civil or religious authorities punishing people for failing to believe appropriately in The Boy Who Lived.

And we should probably turn to our Christian neighbors and say, "Really? Harry Potter? I mean, okay, sure, but ... really?"

And, in truth, I'm not so much worried about the effect of alleged adults playing Quidditch as I might be about the effect of alleged Christians depicting the murder of the Easter Bunny to children. Call it what you want, but it seems to me—to me, as in, this is my opinion—that Christians generally do not appreciate comparisons of their faith to passing faery tale trends.

After all, Christians make all sorts of political claims in issues like marriage equality. Their rights are violated, apparently, if homosexual humans have human and civil rights. Okay, so ... we're all aware, right, that Albus Dumbledore was gay?

So, now, what wins? The religious liberties of Christians to banish homosexuality from civilized society? Or the religious liberties of Potterites, whereby homosexuals are welcome to civilized society?

Over the years, the fact that, say, real witchcraft has no objection to homosexuality has had no real impact on the gay fray. Given the frequently-expressed disdain many Christians have for the freedoms of other religions in the United States, is it really a wise idea to add inchoate Potterism to the list?

Thus: Should Potterism be regarded as a real religion, as Mr. Zovath suggests?


° Harry Potter stories are no more witchcraft — To wit, one does not regularly cast with a fire wand; the spells of witchcraft are considerably less dramatic, and take far more time to cast, than in the Potter mythos; Potterite magic is as mystical as the Force, and has no symbolic grounding in anything. And that's just a short list.

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Noah's Ark must be regarded as an early quantum state phenomenon. It's the only way to fit 5000 species of mammals on the same boat.
Don't forget the insane amount of water that magically appeared just before the flood and just as magically disappeared afterwards Alex. :p
Star Wars too, except in that case, Jesus was reborn as the devil. Good plot twist.

I'd see Luke as the Son and Anakin/Darth as the Father (who was born good, went bad and then was redeemed by the Son, who was willing to die for him.)

In the first place, Harry Potter stories are no more witchcraft° than the computer-animated movements in The Matrix are martial arts.

The Matrix - now there's a Bible story if I ever heard one.

The Son is born in the secular world (the machine world) but is The One and will save all of Zion. He fought the machines (the Pharisees) and was sentenced by Smith (Pilate) to die. He suffered and died for his people. Then he rose again in fulfillment of the prophecies and at the end of the series ascended into "heaven."

He was born into the new (real) world by Morpheus (the "father" - "He's like a father to us all" said Tank) and Trinity (who is, of course, the Holy Spirit, the third part of the Catholic Trinity.)

There's even Cypher (Judas) who sells Neo out for a pittance.