Biblical Evidence of Pre-Adam Civilization



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Interesting perspective relating to evidence in the Bible of a pre-Adam and Eve civilization that existed when Satan fell from grace. Particularly poignant in light of recent archeological discoveries such as Atlantis, and other physical evidence of ancient advanced civilizations. This theory also helps to examine the difference in the dates presented for the origin of man, from a scientific view vs a Christian view. And is especially poignant when we find that a lot of these digs are uncovering the remains of ancient creatures that resemble the aliens of today, or are at the very least, huge genetic anomalies from what Darwin has postulated. There is also evidence in the Bible of a pre-Noah race of giants who were the result of the "sons of God breeding with the daughters of men". These were said to be the heros and the most renowned men of their time, or could you say the "very elect"? I wonder how many times mankind has to go through this? Maybe our last chance???
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