Bike to Work

Why would your suit get wrinkled? You don't wear your suit while riding a bicycle. You already have your clothes at the office. I too dress business professional. I clean up when I get to the office and change to business professional dress.

Well, for starters, 35 miles is a bit far and would consume time out of my already crowded work day. I generally work ten to eleven hours a day and have no desire to consume any more of my free time. Plus I live right down the highway.

Plus I spend all day on a desk in a chair if I didnt bike I would probably turn into a big fat blob (I eat a lot).

You would turn into a big fat blob if you would meet another requirement of becoming a big flat bob, a requirement which is low metabolic processes of your body.
My body weight is stable. If I didnt bike to work but carried on eating as much as I do I would certainly plump up like a blimp. Unless I offset that by doing some other exercise to compensate. And that would be a waste of time, I might as well combine exercise and getting to work in one.


I would be of kin to such response, a healthy answer. ;)
That is not a problem. I live 20.4 miles away. I have waterless soap and shampoo. I keep the change of clothes in my office. When I get here, I wash up with the waterless soap and shampoo, put on some deodorant, change clothes, and I am ready for the day.

Waterless soap is bad, really.

Waterless soap inevitably means some sort of antibiotic. It is stupid to use those to do daily washing. You're selecting for dangerous bacteria for yourself and others (thanks!).

Secondly, it will not work. If you sweat and put that stuff on, you are going to stink.
I bike during summer, spring, fall, and winter...the amount of time I slid on a bike is tremendious...but I always keep my balance.

The only time I actually ever fell from a bike was when I drank a bottle of champagne at night that day, than woke up to an alarm knowing that I got to rush to class to not be late on a bike, so I was also sleepy and drunk, and it was snowing, and the road was icy, and it was steep downhill...and than only than did I fall, on my hurt a bit...but than I learned a lesson not do drink alcohol before I drive.
lol so when you are breathing that same air in your car its somehow purified? do cars come with air purifying systems in them now?

I keep it on recycle rather than pulling in exhaust/air from the car in front of me. In my state, they even keep the bezene in fuel, so it's that much more cancerous.