Bill Maher said what?

I don't give a fuck about petty grievances. If a word can hurt you so deeply, then you are bound to find offense wherever you turn. The word "nigger" is not a burning cross, evil men in bed sheets, black people swinging from ropes, or even slavery. It's a word, nothing more. Bill Maher used it in jest. Get over it.

A few things

can you remove the expectation of cultural meaning from a word when you broadcast it into cultures ?

it is a bit of an oxymoron philosophical construct in some perceptions.

what do most white people easily associate with ?
child abuse ?

so making a joke about being an abused child ...

is that out of sync with the cultural norm ?
is it seen as culturally offensive ?
or is the nature of the abused victim defined as being wholly separate to a sense of culture ?

while i agree ideally with both bells & Bowser in that there is an explicit need to be immune to word triggers.
a sense of projected culture(playing dumb and pretending that culture is not culture is a good way to install separatism and play the apologist for ethnic cleansing) is still an act of oppression

no different to beating a child in the middle of a high street or threatening to beat them.
the over all sense of oppression that is projected has psychological effects.

if it were not ... why is there no billboards in the usa advertising communism ?

because '?' = culture ?
= morality ?
= what ?

how is it related to carrying fire arms around in public in the usa ?
open carry laws ?
concealed carry laws ?

what is the cultural narrative that normalises a sense of immunity from aggressive acts ?

notice how some politicians are calling any criticism to be named as "hate speech" and "terrorism/treason"

survival of the fittest does not share ideological food or money with competitors
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Everyone is getting caught up on the word, but not understanding the context in which it was used, which is, to me at least, even more offensive.
I took this in context of the fact that in those times being a "house nigger" was a status symbol. Therein lies the irony, IMO.
William Maher is an American comedian, political commentator, and television host. He is ..... When commentators suggested there was a pattern to his dating because both his girlfriend and former girlfriend were black,
Hardly prejudicial behavior.