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Welcome to the Biology & Genetics Forum! :D

As moderator of the B&G forum, I currently have no plans to go crazy with power. My intention is to moderate with a largely “hands off” approach. I’m open to suggestions, questions, compliments and complaints via Private Message (PM).

Having said that, I think it is wise to have some forum rules and guidelines. Please also read and remember the Forum Rules, Regulations and Recommendations for the whole of Sciforums.



Moderation in the Biology and Genetics forum is aimed at creating a scientific atmosphere for the discussion of related topics. To that extent, moderation may include moving, editing, locking or deletion of threads or posts that are not relevant to this sub-forum. Decisions are made by me on a case-by-case basis.

Thread topics can be anything related to the biological sciences including, but not limited to, jokes and humour, news, questions, people, applications and speculative subjects. But be warned - there is a strict bias towards the scientific method! Pseudoscience threads will be moved to the Pseudoscience forum.

Rules and guidelines:

1. Spam, advertising, abusive/insulting threads, pornography, baiting, flaming and trolling are not allowed. Such threads/posts will be moderated with or without warning or explanation. Actions may include editing, deletion or locking of threads, and may include the issuing of infractions and/or banning of the responsible member (temporary or permanent).

2. Posters are requested to attack the content of the post rather than the members. Continued baiting/trolling/flaming will result in an infraction or a temporary ban.

3. If a thread swings wildly off-topic then I will either delete the off-topic posts, close the thread or split it into separate threads depending on the nature of the off-topic discussion.

4. Denial of evolution (creationist) threads - Biology forums on the internet tend to attract a lot of anti-evolution threads. My current policy for evolution denial threads is to merge them into the existing ‘Denial of evolution’ thread as 99.9% of such material does not adhere to the scientific method.

5. Use links wherever possible rather than posting large quantities of copy&pasted material that exists elsewhere. It is also preferred that members reference any supporting or dissenting opinion to maintain the scientific nature of the discussion. Any overly-long copy&pasted material with no reference link will be deleted.

6. In cases where posts/threads require considerable moderation or clean-up, threads may disappear for a short period of time (up to a few days) while the editing is performed. Anyone wishing to continue the discussion in the meantime may send me a PM request for a fresh thread on the same topic. New threads opened without permission to circumvent such moderation will be immediately locked/deleted.

7. Locked threads may be reopened if genuine interest is expressed in the topic or the original problem has been rectified to my satisfaction. Send me a PM for such requests.

8. Any attempt to override moderation will result in an infraction and/or a ban (temporary or permanent).

9. Issues and objections with any posts in the B&G forum may be communicated to me either directly by PM or using the report button next to the questionable post.

10. Anyone with issues regarding the moderation in this sub-forum may contact me by PM. If the complaint is valid, editing and infractions etc. can be reversed. Issues with moderation may also be discussed in the SF Open Government or Site Feedback forums.

Happy posting.....
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