Blacks Should Not Act As Monkeys?

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D'ster said:
All dogs, horses, cats etc..... can interbreed too, I guess all dogs are the same?
15% out of 100% is quite a difference to me.
15% is alot of difference.

Human DNA is about 98.4% the same as chimpanzee DNA. This means that all the differences between humans and chimps is contained in only 1.6% of our DNA. To put this another way, chimps are 98.4% the same as humans. Why is this important? Because the race-deniers try to tell us that all humans are virtually the same except for some itsy bitsy minor little genetic things. Even the most race-deniers should be able to see how that itsy bitsy 1.6% difference between humans and chimps results in a world of difference between the two creatures.

Can you read? I mean really?

Then read this s-l-o-w-l-y

1.First, the human species as a whole has immense genetic variation from individual to individual. Any two unrelated human beings differ by about 3 million distinct DNA variants far the largest amount of that variation, about 85%, is among individuals within local national or linguistic populations, within the French, within the Kikuyu, within the Japanese

3.Of the remaining 15% of human variation, between a quarter and a half is between local populations within classically defined human “races,” between the French and the Ukrainians, between the Kikuyu and the Ewe, between the Japanese and the Koreans

That's all

Try again.
D'ster said:
I never thought of it that way.

I guess your right blacks do look like monkeys, especially when there young.

I was gonna reply with so negative remark but that would make me just as stupid and ignorant as you. Grow up young boy. Grow up!!!
D'ster said:
The hair is black, crispy, and "woolly" in texture, it is flat and elliptical with no central canal or duct like the hair of Europeans.
The nose is thick, broad and flat, often turned up nostrils exposing the red inner lining of the mucous membrane similar to an ape.
The arms and legs of the Negro are relatively longer than the European. The humerus is a trifle shorter and the forearm longer thereby approximating the simian form.
The eyes are prominent, iris black and the orbits large. The eye often has a yellowish sclerotic coat over it like that of a gorilla.
The Negro has a shorter trunk, the cross-section of the chest is more circular than whites. The pelvis is narrower and longer as it is in an ape.
The mouth is wide with very thick, large and protruding lips.
Negro skin has a thick superficial horny layer which resists scratching and impedes the penetration of germs.
The Negro has a larger and shorter neck akin to that of anthropoids.
The cranial sutures are more simple than in the white type and close together earlier.
The ears are roundish, rather small, standing somewhat high and detached thus approaching the simian form.
The Negro is more powerfully developed from the pelvis down and the white more powerfully developed in the chest.
The jaw is larger and stronger and protrudes outward which, along with lower retreating forehead, gives a facial angle of 68 to 70 degrees as opposed to a facial angle of 80 to 82 degrees for Europeans.
The hands and fingers are proportionally narrower and longer. The wrist and ankles are shorter and more robust.
The frontal and paricial bones of the cranium are less excavated and less capacious. The skull is thicker especially on the sides.
The brain of the Negro on the average is 9 to 20% smaller than whites.
The teeth are larger and are wider apart than in the white race.
The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the Negro than in the white and thus more characteristic of an ape.
The femur of the Negro is less oblique, the tibia (shin bone) more curved and bent forward, the calf of the leg high and but little developed.
The heel is broad and projecting, the foot long and broad but slightly arched causing flat soles, the great toe is shorter than in the white.
The two bones proper of the nose are occasionally united, as in apes.

Mr. Moderator:

If I had just written the same thing detailing jews [as this idiot is] I would have been banned. You know it - I know it. Yet you let this human crap infest this forum? Why?
If you "had just written the same thing detailing jews" it would not have made any sence,
Jews and blacks are much different.
So now that there are no races, what are we going to call racism? It's not going to disappear like you Oprah Winfrey types think just because some tit in a white coat said there is no such thing as race.
Hatered to those who are different.

Today in the news I heard that many people from Eastern Europe last weekend got beaten up and their houses burned down by the Irish in the Northen Ireland. All the mass media calls it racism although any Latvian is as white as any Irish,
so nowadays we don't even use the word racism in reference to the skin colour.
It's hate and fear of those who are in some way different in the minds of those who hate and fear.
So in this aspect and situation they might as well call it all racism whether it's because of skin colour or nationality, religion or something else.
Prefrence for one race of people, does not mean hatered for another race of people.

I don't hate people because there different, I'm trying to expose the differences.

If I truly hated people because they were different, I would try get rid of our differences by trying to convince people that we are all the same.
This is certainly very weird. Anti-jewish sentiment is looked down upon in this forum but anti-black propaganda is overlooked by moderators. Very strange. Maybe I will lodge an inquiry later on.
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From what I've noticed it is not "Anti-jewish sentiment" I hear,

It is more like Anti-jewish jealously.
D'ster said:
From what I've noticed it is not "Anti-jewish sentiment" I hear,

It is more like Anti-jewish jealously.

Yes we are so jealous of your fascinating personality :rolleyes:
D'ster said:
NO ONE, not the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, or any educational group of any kind had been able to develop an intelligence test which shows Blacks and Whites scoring equally.

1. I think that says more about the inherently flawed nature of intelligence tests than anything else. Therefore any conclusions that you draw from them are invalid.

2. I see that Asians score higher than whites on that graph. What conclusions do you draw from that?

3. Does it really matter which 'race' is the most 'intelligent' anyway? What are you trying to prove?
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Well, think about it.

You could call those wikipedia stats on intelligence "willingness to be educated" and it would become a lot more clear.
Neildo said:
Okay, so three white monkeys and two black monkeys? Shit man, I could understand if they made it so there was 10 monkeys and all were black, but more than half of the monkeys are white, 3 outta 5.

If she's upset about that, they outta just replace the three white monkeys with three more blacks and have the white guys whip em during the play or something. That outta give her a real reason to cry racism. :rolleyes:

That lady is the one being the racist, not the teacher.

- N

:D ...dude, you were wrong for that!...but funny. very funny. and true. i'm half black and i don't see why she's so upset. i hate that some black people actually look for reasons to be angry. if a white person tries to be sociable to a black person, even attempting to bridge the clutural gap, they are considered wannabes. if they just ignore them because, maybe they don't have much in common, they're racist. sometimes you just can't win.
seriously. who are the subjects of these tests? are the people all from the same area? it is a fact that a signifacantly higher percentage of upper-class people are not black (i'm not sayin' they're necessarily white) and that the majority of lower-class people are black. lower-class people tend to recieve a lower-quality education than upper-class people. in other words, is it any wonder that more white than black people statistically do better on standardized tests?
redarmy11 said:
2. I see that Asians score higher than whites on that graph. What conclusions do you draw from that?
That Asians have a over all higher level of intelligents then do whites.
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