blade that can slice through anything?

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I watched a film of one of the last great Japanese sword makers,making one in the old traditional way,it was in black & white by the way.
So I have seen one made from start to Finnish.
As I said you are right about the English swords,as they still make a few that way now.

There were about a dozen common methods for the Katana.

One method did indeed involve using just the folded metal for the entire blade, including the edge, but this was the weakest and most prone to break. Why? It was one lump of metal, cooled so one part cooled faster than the other, with a boundary region of that same metal. That made it unstable, almost inherently flawed.

Every other method of the common dozen or so involved multiple pieces of metal. Common was a soft iron core with a steel edge, steel spine, and steel supports up each side.
blade that can slice through anything?

no such thing. may be someday we develop a molecular separator that neutralizes the bond between molecules by perhaps adding focused high energy to melt any solid one molecule wide.....
It is conceivable to have a domain wall (a kind of a flaw in space) like that. They are supposedly 2D but existing in our space, of the same brand as point singularities and cosmic strings.

Sadly as far as we know they only exist on paper. You also would have trouble fationing a hilt or a scabbard.

You are all completely off your handles! A diamond blade is rediculously unrealistic, no matter how much money you have! The simple fact is, there IS no diamond large enough to create an entire sword out of! It is simply impossible to make! Since this is the case, if you still would like to make a sword from a single, or rather several, diamonds since the single would be impossible, it would only be as strong as the substance in which it was stuck together with. Sorry, but I dont think that duct tape would cut it on this one, guys:p
what about a laser cut carbonated steel:bugeye:

oh and Maniac....we can create our own diamonds in large enough sizes for daggers atleast;)
A titainum blade quenched in a liquid nitrogen bath

This is todays best answer i have had the honor and pleasure weilded three such blades IGEA a katana stile ELGEN based on the clamore stile blade and GWENIVER a english long sword.
all three cut easly through anything but titainum itself and did so with no visible damage or ware to the blades
with respect
frikkin morons!

The Ginsu Edge Never Needs Sharpening. Ginsu knives feature permanently bonded blades made of surgical stainless steel, enclosed within heat resistant handles that provide a durable, long-lasting knife. Dishwasher safe.

You may never cut through a tin can or saw a lead pipe in half - but the patented Ginsu 2000 can do that and much more!

With Ginsu 2000 you can:

Slice through chicken
Carve meats
Cut raw steak like it's restaurant prime
Make perfect bread slices
Cuts pineapple like butter
Rip through aluminum
Tear through leather

Ok as a chef im exposed to a LOT of knives (i LOVE my chefs knife, cost me $200 for a 26cm drop forged german stainless steel knife:D its SOOOO nice cutting threw starberries:p)

the hardest knives i know of avalable are either titainum which i dont know much about or high carbon stainless steel

the high carbon ones are vertully IMPOSSABLE to sharpen because they are so hard

if u combined that with a fair amout of wieght rather than an ultra fine edge (ie more like a choping axe than a chefs knife) you would have a VERY good chopper:p
B\W spookz

i would NEVER buy those knives

for starters they are serated where an accurate knife is flat bladed

second they arnt rivited (likly to lose a finger when the glue gives)

third NO knife should go in a dishwasher and if they were a company that cared about the knives they would tell you this

fourthly NOTHING never needs sharpening except ceramic knives and if you cant resharpen it what good is it to u (ie the high carbon stainless steel knives)

and lastly if you walk into a shop that sells knives for commertial use (ie if your willing to pay pay for what the profectionals use, just dont get a butcher to sharpen them because they make the point to thin) you will NEVER see all that TV crap about cutting threw tin ect, because its just avertising garbage. what you WILL see is a chopping board to test the wieght and cutting power which is what you NEED
A plasma blade suspended by a incredibly strong magnetic field… dare I say it but maybe something like a light saber.

Originally posted by Asguard

fourthly NOTHING never needs sharpening except ceramic knives and if you cant resharpen it what good is it to u (ie the high carbon stainless steel knives)
wtf? knives need no sharpening?!
you know they get unsharp over time because of heavy use, yes?
I've sharpened enough knives to know that sharpening makes them sharper ( lol @ the grammar structure) , which is what I need sometimes
I believe he was saying that there doesnt exist a knife that doesn't need sharpening except a ceramic knife. His grammar was weird, but i believe correct, he said that "Nothing never needs sharpening", meaning that everything needs sharpening.

Originally posted by Asguard
B\W spookz

i would NEVER buy those knives

for starters they are serated where an accurate knife is flat bladed

yes. a serrated edge might have a particular use but in all situations? even i find that weird
what about water?

water under exrtremely high pressure will cut through more than any metal blade can
yeh i was pressure washing my driveway and cut open my toe. It takes a very large deal of preassure, however and the same rule applies to just about anything. One could use things like diamond particles fired at extemely high velocities in order to create an even more powerful pressure-type blade.
True, great pressure can be useful as a sharp blade but how do you make such a pressure firing machine mobile in a form of a sword or some sort of a gun??....Like a laser that can shoot out micro diamond crytals along with radiation heavy lasers....don't know if it makes sense. I have heard of trying laser cut blades at a micro fine level that can cut through solid concrete.:confused:
wouldnt you need something thin enough like only a few atoms wide to separate the atoms in the object you are cutting hell i dont know what im talking about lol:m:
If we're talking pressure, might as well just use explosives. So therefore I say a nuclear weapon is the best cutting tool ever.
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