Bringing Sadaam Hussien... BACK!!!!


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Bringing Sadaam Hussien... BACK!!!!​


the new Iraqi govermant to me is only a puppet govermant that gives America the chance to do what it wants using Alawyi but nopt taking the blame and saying it is the "Iraqis" that are doing it

"Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi has recently ordered the arrest of political opponents, closed a prominent media outlet reporting stories that were embarrassing to the Iraqi government, and taken up aggressive tactics vis-a-vis the opposition guerrillas, including reinstating the death penalty against them"


Allawi has cast the death penalty so widely that it covers almost any type of guerrilla attack. The death penalty can be applied to Iraqis who engage in ambushes, hijacking, kidnapping, attacks on infrastructure and murder. Of course, killing someone when defending the home country from an unprovoked and unnecessary foreign invasion and occupation is defined as murder. Even in World War II when the stakes were much higher, the United States did not execute captured German or Japanese soldiers for defending their homeland. In fact, after the war, the vast majority of them were given their freedom. Furthermore, although Iraqi officials have claimed that the list of capital offenses excludes any possibility that the death penalty will again be used for political reasons, the ultimate sentence can be meted out for the vague offense of "endangering national security." Such Orwellian wording has to make Iraqis-accustomed to Saddam's terror-very nervous about the direction the new Allawi government is heading.
And Saddam was a puppet government of Russia because Saddam only bought weapons from them, had their advisors on his staff and was deeply in debt to Russia. Why not speak about that for a change?
but america is owned largely by oil companies so the conversion to hydrogen would be near impossible while america is dominating the global market.
yet again, i must conclude thot america is the problem
That's all those people know is brutality & threats of brutality to keep them in line.

Look at most Islamic Governments, if ya step outta line, consequences are pretty harsh.

I'm not saying they cant change, just that they will never be like us.

That's what I believe anyway........
rather than scapegoating 'america" or 'iraq' or 'sadam hussein' or 'w bush' etc...SEEE a pattern. that it is the Abrahamic religions that have created this complete fuck up---ie., patriarchy

so what then?

step outta the mindfuck
LOL. This is true but i doubt it wouldn't be that wholy different if some other major religon or no religon for that matter was the most common belief. I still hold true to blowing up earth...

[wisper]duendy watch out and prepair the flamer shield[/wisper]