Britains Got Talent. Sue Boyle

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If you haven't seen it, watch her performance on Youtube.
Eight million views and counting, since Saturday night.
A tubby little woman with hairy eyebrows who sings like a Goddess.

Every time I hear her my arms are covered in goosebumps.
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It's like a bird singing after rain.

Over 11 million views on Youtube now.
A good few of those must be people like Orleander looping it.

I'm rationing myself listening to it.
I get so many shivers down my spine it's like standing in a refrigerator.
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Unbelievable. I'm not afraid to say that at her first high note, I actully got tears in my eyes and goosebumbps.

I hope this a new beginning for that woman. That voice deserves to be shared!!!

Incredible voice.

In that song she sang:

I had a dream my life would be
So different from the hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

I hope from now on her dream will come true!
Not that great a singer actually.

Actually, yes it was that great. Given that she hasn't received the high-end teaching and training that professional opera singers receive, it's a wonder that such a gem exists in the rough. Futhermore, one has to wonder just how amazing she will be after some truly amazing talent helps her refine her gift.

There's no doubt that she could use some work (even Cowell has said that after the fact). I know opera, a close friend of mine is an opera singer and she has pointed out that her rendition of "I dreamed a dream" was one of the best she's ever heard, which is telling considering that she's a picky bitch about everybody. I've seen an original troupe's version of the Claude-Michel Schönberg work while I was in Europe and quite a few times here, and found all of them memorable, but none as much as this. Some of it has to do with the story, but there is absolutely no doubt to the un-jaded that this woman has a rare talent that most people can only envy.

Open your ears and judge a "thing" by its circumstances. One doesn't complaint about the light a candle gives, just because it can't compare to the sun.

I think that the looks thing is overdone.
Her looks are fairly standard for a middle aged woman.
Three quarters of women in Scotland look like that.

Edith Piaf was scarier looking.
In this picture I can imagine her tucking into someone's entrails.


Chanteuse Edith Piaf

Give me cosy Susan and her cat Pebbles any day.


Susan Boyle (Admittedly, she needs to throw on some glad rags and apply a bit of warpaint,
but I've kissed far worse women on New Years Eve)


A cat. Not Pebbles, but the same age
(As for kissing, no problem)
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I saw this for the first time yesterday. Stunning is RIGHT. She has an amazing voice. It was so incredible that when I first saw it on YouTube, I thought she was pantomiming to a different recording. Her voice has a natural enhancement effect. I very charming and courageous lady too. Bravo!
I'm a jadded SOB, but I did love how she completely conquered the hostile audience.

It is a sad comment on society, that it took so long for her to be "discovered". I really wonder if she's even had singing lessons yet. That was at least a 3 octave range, didn't even look like she was strained.