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It starts with some very ordinary dancing. Simon is about to press his button, and then she starts to sing.
This little girl's voice is not what you would expect at all.
Hollie Steel.
This kid was cute. I liked her better than the 12 year old boy from last week.
Also, listen to drag act Dan Khan.
I did laugh. He's got the worst voice I ever heard. Was I being cruel do you think?
I laughed too. The new judge (whats her name) was laughing appropriately too.

I thought the dance troop (diversity I think) was better than the first weeks dancers (cant remember their name).

Highlight/surprize was the knife guy. I loved Amandas reaction.
The media have started to crap on her already. Didn't take them long.
They are reporting that she is cracking up.
I don't get the fuss over Sue Boyle. Why is it so amazing that a frumpy old hag can sing?

If she was a babe with nice knockers, would it be newsworthy? Is there some equation, thanks to modern media, that only attractive people can sing, because that's all people are presented with?

Anybody who thinks she is somehow special has been successfully programmed by the media. Stop making a fuss, and let the people that control your mind have a day off.
your just too cynical.

if you recall there was a time when people LISTENED to music.

She's got a good voice, but then so do many of the entrants of other talent shows, and nobody makes as much fuss about them.

This is only news 'cos she's one fugly old mother, and people seem to think it's a mismatch.

Take Leona Lewis, who won the UK X-Factor. She can sing very well, and was a total babe. No fuss was made after her audition. So I put it to you, that all those making a fuss now, have been programmed by the media, to equate attractiveness with singing ability, and suddenly this meme gets challenged, and they freak out and start clucking.
She's not so ugly.
Most women who look like that are either married or have been married.
If she was on the checkout down my local Tescos, she wouldn't stick out as unusual.

Also, money makes you attractive, don't you think?


Oh no, not another bag of frigging money.
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Pebbles the Cat? No, but equally as good.

If you enter "Susan boyle pebbles" into google pictures search. The picture of the cat I stuck in the post below now comes up.:)
She's a feral cat from Sedgewick Kansas.

lol.. sorry this one isnt really funny except that i live in Kansas.. and its Sedgwick county.. Sedgewick isn't a town... i know thats irellevent and no one cares.. just ironic to me.
Small world.
Perhaps you could go and visit the Sedgewick cat pound.
Say hello for to "Pebbles" for me, if she's still there.
(Though a cat as good as that would be snappped up)
Still can't find a picture of Pebbles, but I have found Mr Peebles.


Mr Peebles. Certified in Guinness Book of records as World's smallest cat.
I think that Mr Peebles is worth a thread of his own, which I will now open.
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A video of Susan in a talent show when she was in her 20's is painful to watch. She is so shy she can barely look at the camera.
She's a good singer, but nothing special for anyone who has listened to Classical Opera (or even Andrew Lloyd Webber) for any length of time. I'm not shocked however that such a voice is a breath of fresh air to those accustomed to canned McMusic.
People with the qualifications to judge said that Paul Potts had a good if not great voice. Many people in the business are now saying that for an untrained voice, Susan's is exceptional.

It has a quality that cuts through good and bad because it has a raw truth about it.
You clearly know shit about music. She has a one of a kind, excellent voice. True, the frompty factor played a role too, but her voice is amazing...

I saw the show, she wasn't mind blowing or anything. She can sing, sure, but nothing better than many session vocalists.
It has a quality that cuts through good and bad because it has a raw truth about it.

She picked a great song for her night. You can feel the song when she sings it. I am amazed at the portion "As they turn your dreams to shame. " She got louder on the last one, her voice ringing out. Amazing strength in that voice.

I look forward to her next song!
She picked a great song for her night.......
I look forward to her next song!

Yes, it is regarded as a difficult song even for a highly trained voice.
Most singers would show the strain in singing it, but for her to effortlessly belt it out was something to behold.
She's a songbird.

I am looking forward to her next performance too.
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