Britains Got Talent. Sue Boyle

Why didn't Hollie Steele start a tantrum and demand a recount?

Ant: And the winner is.......
Dec: .................Diversity.

Hollie: Bwaaaaaaaaaah.

Dec: Don't cry. We counted all the votes fairly.

Hollie: Bwaaaaaaaaaaah. Please. Sob. Re. Open. The. Voting. Sob

Simon Coward. OK, we'll reopen the voting, just for Holly, for another half an hour.

Hollie: (Beams.) Thank you Simon
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Bad news...

Susan Boyle rushed to hospital after breakdown
June 1, 2009, 12:28

British internet singing star Susan Boyle has been admitted to a private clinic after being beaten into second place in the final of the popular "Britain's Got Talent" television contest, British media reported. A police spokesman confirmed that officers had been called to a London hotel "to doctors attending a woman under the mental health act".​
She has a lovely voice, but I can't stand that song. She should sing something with lots of morbid wailing minor notes. Much more pretty and evocative.
The show producers are saying that she cracked up after the event,
but she was clearly ill to anyone who took a good look at her before she started singing.

They wouldn't stop her participating because it would have cut viewing figures. Pure and simple.
the best people won anyway, not only were they clever, brilliant, they were also entertaining, much better than susan boyle, who frankly looked really ill when she was singing.
I agree, they were certainly the best performance on the night.
Sue's performance was not entertaining at all.

It made me more uncomfortable than the crying child the night before did.
Hollie Steele.

I do feel that the child was being manipulative, but I'd have been as big a sucker as Simon Cowell was.
Children and Women's tears put my brain out of gear.

SB should have been given quiet help a week before and pulled from the final.
I love the show, but this was pretty shoddy treatment.
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I heard on some Tabloid show they said that she was offered a $1 million dollars to star in a porn by some adult entertainment lose her virginity.

They said it was no was true and she declined.

If this is true this world is truly fucked!
The porn industry makes general media people look like angels.
If you want to point to an industry where people are abused and exploited, that's it.
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The porn industry makes general media people look like angels.
If you want to point to an industry where people are abused and exploited, that's it.

Sue Boyle was also offered money to be in porn by an American company.
I know she turned them down, but I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have acknowledged the offer at all.
I think that the next we hear of Sue Boyle will be her first album.
Hopefully, in a week or two at a studio, she can reproduce the quality of her first performance, something she has failed to do so far.

If she can reproduce that shiver down the spine effect on a few more songs she will have a Platinum selling album, and live very comfortably on the income.

I can't see her going on tour somehow.
If they try to pressurise her into further public exposure it will have bad results.