Buddhist Master's Remains: Heart-shaped Crystals

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I respect your opinion, you may be right, but let's just make it very clear that this is not what Buddhist believe.

Dear Canute:

Yes, let's make that clear. Was it unclear before? Is this because of the comment made by Craig Smith?

I'm sorry if I gave anyone the impression that Buddhists believe this. That is not what I meant to say. This is simply a news article that I believe backs up somewhat this theory of "mine". No one imparted this theory to me and as far as I know it's not part of YOGIC thought either. But there are always estoteric ideas kept from the masses. It would be conjecture to assume that this is, so for right now, it's a thought I had that I pass along.

There is a point made earlier about other evidence. I meant to respond to that and will when I have time. There was another post by, I believe, spookz that gave a link to some provocative material. I read a bit of it and it provided tantalizing clues pointing in this direction of crystals, souls and karma. But, again, I may be reading into things.

And, Craig Smith, I wish that Buddhist masters would post to the internet and this site in particular. Wouldn't that be lovely? I suppose there would be worse ways of getting your message across. The problem, of course, is that on the internet anybody can represent themselves as anything. I think this is true off the internet as well. So until someone who is a true master deigns to make an appearance and give us the truth, we must dig for it ourselves.

Sorry, I was just worried about a possible misunderstanding. On the Buddhist masters thing I think the problem is that, as we all know, communicating what you mean by email is even harder than doing it with spoken words.
As concerns water and crystals, found this interesting link. Have NO idea who this gentleman is, but he would almost have to have more validity than I do. I believe that is a given.

It doesn't say anything about the soul being a crystal and more relates to the subject of karma and crystals. It's the first thing I've found. I will continue to look.

Here's the site:


and here's an excerpt:

"[PureInsight.org] Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese quantum physicist, performed a series of experiments on water crystals and revealed the fact that water is receptive to external messages. The formation of water crystals is positively correlated to exposure of the water to messages from human language, music, and printed characters.

Positive messages (benevolent thoughts, classical music, and positive words) when applied to water purified the water, which resulted in beautiful hexagonal water crystals being formed at low temperature. In contrast, water exposed to negative messages (such as bad thoughts or heavy metal, or negative printed characters) formed water crystals of a distorted and chaotic shape at low temperature.

Scientists have already confirmed that water is the foundation of all creatures on earth. More than 70% of the human body is water. With that in mind, it is not difficult to accept the logical conclusion that a compassionate and kind person will obviously purify the water in his body, positively influencing his life, thus making him healthy. In other words, a person that carries kind thoughts will strengthen one’s own health from within.

Following that line of thought, Falun Dafa explains that man has created karma (a substance accumulated in the body due to wrongdoing) and virtue (a substance accumulated in the body due to doing good deeds) in previous lives and carries both karma and virtue through to the next reincarnation. Let’s think about it for a moment. Since karma is a manifestation of negative messages, a person with a lot of karma will have discord in his/her body’s water. Remember that 70% of his body is water. In addition, after several tens of years in this secular world, a person is likely to have created plenty of karma through many different social interactions, which would further degenerated the water in his body. However, it is unlikely that a person feels or realizes the slow accumulation of karma or the gradual pollution of the water in his body. Furthermore, the development of selfish notions such as “Heaven destroys those who do not look out for themselves” further pollutes more than the body. When karma and degenerate notions have polluted a person’s body to an extent that has exceeded the threshold limit, the damage to the water inside a person’s body starts to surface in the form of illness. Karma and degenerate notions (bad messages) together stop the body from functioning normally and bring hardships and tribulations to the person."

If you want to look at some fascinating pictures of how water crystals can be changed by thoughts, look here:


Then hit the link entitled, "Water Crystals."

This is kind of scary. I'd better change my thoughts immediately!


P.S. No more bad thoughts...no more bad thoughts...no more bad thoughts...
Yeah, there's been a TV documentary recently on a group of people clearing pollution from lakes using thought and imagination. Didn't see it but I'm told it seems to work.
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Yeah, there's been a TV documentary recently on a group of people clearing pollution from lakes using thought and imagination. Didn't see it but I'm told it seems to work.

Really? I must have been in my cave again and missed this. Was it on a public broadcasting channel? The Leaning Channel? Do you remember?

Can you imagine going in for a physical and them only viewing the shape of your water crystals? The diagnosis would be something like, "You now have demon crystals accumulating so you need to laugh more. And that's an order!"

Anyways, this is the first piece of evidence that seems to point in the direction of Karma being crystals. And, of course, my theory points to the release of chemicals being the culprit and I don't see where he is saying this, but it's a start.
It does lend credibility to your view, I agree. However, on the down side, saying that thought can affect water actually implies nothing for karma or its relation to water crystals.
Do Buddhist masters post to the internet?

Sure, why not? Dialog is dialog. Its just that they don't like to admit the master part, that would be too boastful, besides, there is nothing special about being a master, enlightenment encourages humility and reveals the essential unity of "everyone".
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