Can a full moon make strange things happen?

Researchers and scientists have found no solid correlation between the lunar cycle and human behavior. One study with experiment controls indicates a possible connection between sleep quality and lunar phases, but there has been no independent confirmation of these results so far. It doesn't seem that far fetched, considering that on nights when a full moon is present, my backyard lights up - my bedroom is lighter, and it awakens me. But, it seems like our idea of a full moon making us ''crazy,'' is just based on superstition.

Either way the wind blows with regard to the subject in a particular era, the conclusions will wholly or partly involve the unreliable social (human) sciences. So go with personal experiences slash judgements, unless one is a policymaker or policy enforcer -- in that case, obviously an administrator or educator has to follow protocols [when/if they're] based on what is currently fashionable in that compromised, "voodoo research" category of the science sphere.
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