Canada, Lawyers, and Magic Words

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I want a lawyer...

Those are magic words for a poor person.

A new law in Canada was passed and I got the opportunity to say those words. I was detained by the Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care: Notice to Patient under Subsection 38(1) of the Act...

Abriged :

Certificate of involuntary admission... serious bodily harm to yourself... serious physical impairment of you... And showing a lack of care for myself...

That's the shit the Doctor signed off on to keep me as an involuntary patient for another two weeks. I was planning a Mission Impossible breakout from the hospitable, a koo koo move but, fuck I would have loved to have a day in court.

Sleep depravation can mindfuck anyone. I was trying to sleep for four days but was always conscious. There was a half monkey/cat sitting on my shoulder. Invisible to everyone but me. Could accelerate at Mach 9^2, cause earthquakes that only I could feel. Harass me. It would speak to me. Answer questions so fast and seemingly my conscious mind needed hours to understand how smart it was.

I wonder just how valuable a human life is

The Doc signed for me to be held another two weeks. Involuntarily. When I said I want a lawyer it probably scared the pants off them..

Is it a just law? Was prohibition just?
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The Doc signed for me to be held another two weeks. Involuntarily. When I said I want a lawyer it probably scared the pants off them. Is it a just law? Was prohibition just?
There is a law that says a doctor can do an involuntary hold for a certain period of time if they feel the patient is a threat to themselves or others. Is it just? When used correctly, yes. It helps prevent suicides and murders.
It wasn't just for me.

Me saying I want a lawyer seemed to change everything.
same same small town wisconsin
the local powerful ran a kangaroo court wherein "guilty" was the only verdict--then a fine.
they were so assured of their power that they got sloppy
and tried to get me one more time
I may not know much, but I am literate
and the regulation(law?) that the charged me with had a fine attached, and failure to pay the fine meant jail time
this was a civil thing, and a misdemeanor at best
and, the wisconsin supreme court was hearing a similar case that term.
but---in their arrogance, they had not kept up
so, when asked to plead I claimed that I would not pay one goddamned penny which meant that they could jail me and then I pled
"lawyer, change of venue, jury trial"
they stopped harassing me
Beer w/Straw:

I hope you have some loved ones around you who can help you. It sounds like you need to look after yourself better.

I am sorry to hear about this.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.