Chained Free Media.

Cactus Jack

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Yes a contradiction, but you'll understand when you read this. I've talked about Participatory/or "free media sources" before on this site. This message board is a prime example, so is anything dealing with the internet (almost). In this type of media people control and broadcast information, getting an interactive and better information source. The easily controled media sources owners are scared by this, and have been looking for ways to change it. Keep things in the hands of "The Elites" I suppose you could say. Ever seen Zoog Disney? A fascinating example of this actually. See Disney creates a site in which less focused around interactivity but more focused around the belief they are changing their television - chained free media, and worst off teaching kids young to get absorbed into the non participitory media sources - however, video games the other favorite child past time is a participitory media source. Anyway another way is saying by downloading programs and media that the companies would want us to pay for we'll get a computer virus. nothing more than a virtual STD. Not typically a real threat. The final example is they shut down Napster (though no the best example) - but "free media" still lives on in other file sharing programs which allow you to share ANY kind of program.

-Just some thoughts