Chemical evolution:

If we assume that the universe has an explanation, cause or Source (the principle of sufficient reason)
According to most Eastern and some Western schools of thought and understanding, to assume that explanations, causes, and Sources, are somehow equivalent, exist on one and the same logical level, or imply each other (as different aspects of one entity, maybe?) is to go badly and fundamentally astray.

Having dug one's thinking out of the rut of causation, besides being apparently necessary for comprehension of almost all modern scientific theory in any well-developed field of inquiry, is quite often a basic beginner's goal or specific criterion of mental growth and development for those venturing into one of those schools of philosophy and/or wisdom. The best-evangelized of them in the West brings us specific tactics and mental exercises and so forth for achieving that specific extrication, which have become familiar throughout the industrialized First World (When you say "it's raining", what is "it"? What is the sound of one hand clapping? - that kind of thing ) but are far from the only approach - similar enlightenment can emerge directly from hardcore Western logic.