Christmas Wishes

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lottery win 1st prize with no other 1st prize winners (so i can buy a tiny apartment or micro house[preferably a micro house] in a restricted build space zone where you have a tiny amount of lawn so u can have plants & neighbors cant slap up a massive concrete apartment block beside your front door)

current price of a studio is $300,000.00(no land, old build, can hear & smell the people through the walls probably the building is a fire risk)
$600,000 for a smaller apartment on a tiny piece of free hold land[micro house])
borrowing money to buy it results in a standard bank rate of 100% interest over 25 years(real interest rate over full term)

a new job or new passive income stream equal to a weeks income on top of current income to keep me on track to afford retirement at some stage.
It is My Will that the below video be pasted to the top of every forum by 12:00 tonight and remain there for the next 30 days. If My Will is ignored, every administrator, every moderator, the owners of this website shall suffer severe burning ass itch for the next thirty days. teassa shall suffer severe burning ass itch for the next 60 days, grow hair from the nose and ears every night for 90 days, and suffer uncontrollable flatulence for 120 days. My Will Shall Be Done.

May these sweet notes ....

The sound of Christmas when I was young: Evie Tornquist, "Come On, Ring Those Bells".

May it now haunt you, too.

So, this is the third? If you're not capable of figuring out the problem, don't make it everyone else's.
Since you have ignored your God, additional Punishment has been added. It is My Will that the owners, administrators, and moderators of this site shall suffer the same Penalties as tiassa for the same period of time. In addition, a very large zit will appear on the tip of the nose of each of you within 48 hours and will be permanent until the 23rd of January, 2020 at which time you will be allowed to pop it in Honor of Martin Luther King. In addition you are commanded to search for 10 Persons of Color each day until the day before Christmas and kneel before them, giving Praise for Their Beauty and Creative. This is My Will. It Shall be Done.

I Am a Merciful God and shall leave your fate to those who post on this Website. Shall they fill every Forum with images of Love, Joy, Unity and Peace, in such a manner that satisfies My Pleasure, I will forgive your Sins and relieve you of your penalties the Day before Christmas. This is My Will. It Shall be Done.

Not open for further replies.