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What do you think the sci-fi channel Chronicle series? A cross between "Men in the black" and "X-files" ?
Yes. What is special Unit 2? Is it a British show?

I saw both episodes of Chronicle. It is a hoot, just basic fun. I usually watch several episodes of anything new until they run out of ideas, and then I drop out.
I heard of Chronicle here but nothing else. So tell me more. I'm curious. Is it on Scifi? Or is it a network show?
All the good stuffs are in satellite or cable. I wonder what will happen to advertiser supported free networks like ABC, CBS and NBC?

I enjoy Friday nights: Farscape, Stargate, Lexx
Saturday: Chronicle and Outer Limits...
farscape and outer limits are the best! I wish i could meet the actors of farscape and see how they doo all that cool ass shit. Also if I ever go into space, I will pray for a wormhole in front of me.... hehehehehehee just messing around.
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What is special Unit 2? Is it a British show?
I don't think it's a Brittish show, concidering that it's set in Chicago. But it's basically about this "secret" agency called Special Unit 2 that goes around and saves the city from things like lycanthropes (werewolves), gargoyals, aliens and stuff like that. I guess you could say that it's like Men In Black, except they're not limited to aliens.
Hey Tristan Farscape is the best show on scifi right now. And i like the chronicle and special unit 2, why? Because there both so corky.